We’re all under stay-at-home orders and so everyone is bored AF. Luckily, my Mistress Angel knows exactly what I need; a tease and denial sex game!

Ever since my first public humiliation recently, I haven’t been able to get enough of Angel; indeed, our hot tease and denial sex game continued this morning as I awoke to find myself securely restrained. Just to see if there’s anything I could do about my predicament, I tugged against whatever’s binding me. Nope, Mistress made certain that I’m not going anywhere, that’s for sure!

I don’t know how Angel managed it, but she placed me with my face down and my ass UP. As I knelt prone on the bed, I saw that although my ankles are free, my wrists were tied in front of me by what appeared to be a rough rope that was securely fastened to the bedpost.

It goes without saying that I’m totally naked.

As a result, I’m feeling incredibly exposed and vulnerable with my ass up in the air! Suddenly, I heard the door open, accompanied by the sound of approaching boots. I turned my head to behold my beautiful Mistress staring down at me. Unable to resist ogling her, I feasted my eyes on the sight of my wicked Mistress Angel wearing nothing but a pair of black leather, thigh-high stiletto boots, a strappy bustier, and matching lacy panties.

Her silky blond hair slid over one shoulder and curled around a pink nipple as she leaned down toward me. As my eyes met hers, I shuddered a little as I saw the fierce light glowing in my sexy Angel’s passionate blue eyes.


The sudden impact made me gasp, leaving my ass stinging and my cock throbbing. Our tease and denial sex game has begun!

Shocked into silence, I stared up at her as she snarled, “I don’t think you’ve properly grasped your new situation. You are completely at my mercy, fucktoy! You will do nothing without my permission!”

“From now on, you will refer to me as Mistress, Goddess, Princess, Queen, or Ma’am,” she continued. “And by the way, I am NOT like other Mistresses you may have played with. I expect complete obedience! Speaking of playing, it’s time for a little game. Are you listening, pet?

Your punishments and rewards will be relative. Each time you follow my commands, you’ll receive points toward a reward. On the other hand, each mistake will result in punishment points. If you can manage to reach 100 points on the reward scale, I’ll give you a big surprise. But be warned, you won’t like what’ll happen if you reach 100 punishment points instead!”

Although my heart pounded, I agreed eagerly. “Yes, Goddess!”

“This is what happens next,” she stated sternly. “First, I’ll insert a plug, deep into your ass. After that, I’ll spank you 10 times on each ass cheek using two implements of your choosing. If you manage to keep the butt plug in your ass during the spankings, you’ll receive 15 reward points!”

“If not? Then it’s 30 punishment points for you! What do you think, slut?”

I thought about it for just a few seconds before eagerly accepting her offer. Angel grinned as she laid out the choices: A cheap rubber slipper, a wooden ping-pong paddle, a leather riding crop, a supple bamboo cane, a plastic school ruler, or a knotted rawhide flogger. I held my breath a moment before choosing the paddle and the ruler.

Excellent choice, slave! Ready for the first round of our tease and denial sex game?

As my almost painfully-erect cock pressed hard against the bed, I felt Mistress squirting cold lube against my asshole. Before inserting the plug, she coated it in slippery slickness. Then, she slowly pushed it past my sphincter and deep into my ass, making me feel almost unbearably full.

I thought this would be easy, but realized the truth just a moment later. As I squeezed my ass muscles to keep the butt plug from spurting out accidentally, I realized that tightening my cheeks increased the pain exponentially! While I battled between contracting and relaxing, I tried to predict the timing of the paddle. I failed more than I won, and so I earned myself 10 punishment points each time. Ugh!

Then, what I feared the most finally happened. You guessed it. With a sloppy squirting sound, the butt plug shot out of my ass onto the floor. Angel laughed in satisfied glee. “Oops! Did you lose something? No worries. Let’s give you a HUGE one this time. Gotta make sure you don’t lose it again, right?”

My heart sank and my butt puckered as she grabbed what appeared to be an enormous, penis-shaped dildo.

Predictably, my eyes teared and my guts shuddered as she unceremoniously shoved the toy so deep that I wondered if it was practically lodged in my colon. Fuck, I was definitely in trouble now!

I had just enough time to think “Oh shit, this is gonna HURT” as my Mistress grabbed the second spanking implement. Grunting and struggling against the ropes, I struggled to retain the anal intruder as my Mistress brought the plastic ruler down on my ass in a stinging volley of slaps.

Even as much as it hurt, I was undeniably and unbearably aroused! Indeed, pre-cum drooled out of my dick in a steady drizzle onto the bed. Laughing softly, my Goddess swiped her fingertips across the dribbling tip, then shoved them in my mouth to make me lick it up.

“Hmm, somebody seems to be really excited by my tease and denial sex game. You’re quite the little punishment whore, aren’t you?

Amused by my reaction, she continued. “Since it’s your first time, I’ll give you one last chance. I will stroke that eager cock for one full minute. If you are able to hold back until then, you will earn 100 reward points. If you can’t? Well then, it’s punishment time for you!” she laughed.

After placing a timer in front of me, Angel lightly slapped my inner thighs to make me spread my knees wider. Then, she reached underneath to rapidly pump my throbbing dick in her fist. Damn, I felt just like a cow being milked! Despite this (or perhaps because of it?), I reached the edge within less than half a minute. I gritted my teeth and sweat rolled off my forehead as I tried to control myself, but I began exploding at 45 seconds nevertheless!

Of course, Angel immediately stopped stroking me and began smacking my flaming asscheeks again, laughing as she totally ruined my orgasm.

After I calmed down a little, my Mistress spoke again. “Aw, it looks like you are out of luck! Your punishment is that you will remain in bondage all day.” Once she untied me, I collapsed onto the bed while she rubbed some soothing lotion onto my welted ass. Next, she smirked as she reminded me that the plug would remain buried in my back fuckhole. Last but not least, then she hogtied me, binding my hands behind my back and loosely looping the rope around my ankles.

She kissed my cheek as I drifted off to sleep, thinking about how I’d gotten into all this in the first place. Staying at home every day isn’t easy, so I’ve been looking for fun indoor activities. One night, I’d shyly confessed to Angel about my interest in learning more about BDSM. Of course, I asked if she would consider training me. However, I didn’t realize we were starting right away. Surprise!

The next morning, I awoke with a very stiff, aching erection.

Not having realized my new reality yet, I assumed the soreness was due to last night’s ruined orgasm. Sleepily, I turned over to discover that I had this really strong urge to pee. To my surprise, I found myself untied and cuddled under a soft blanket. Jumping up, I pushed off the cover and ran to the bathroom. I couldn’t believe what I saw!

Wanna guess? I looked down to find my cock confined in a shiny metal cage. Omg, is that a padlock?! Somehow, I managed to urinate without making a mess. Staggering back to the bed in a daze, I sat there as I wondered WTF was going on.

That’s when I saw the note on the bedside table:

Good morning, my slave!
You are now officially MINE.
Your Mistress Forever,
💘 Angel 💘

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