Tease and denial sex has always been one of the ways I like to keep my bad boys in line. It’s such a turn-on knowing that this sweet ebony pussy drives men so crazy that they will do just about anything to even get a taste.  Just the thought of them being able to feel the wetness of my pink center will have them ready to do and say just about anything.  For my co-worker’s husband, it is going to be a lot of tease and denial for him.  I hope he can handle it. 

How it all started…

My co-worker Heaven and I have always had a little friendly competition at work. This week I knew that she was being sent 1200 miles away for a conference.  For months she bragged about the brand new steam shower that her husband, the contractor, had put in their house.   So when I saw her and her husband doing some final shopping for her upcoming trip, I made sure to introduce myself to him.   I was sure that she had told him all about me and our competition at work.  However,  his eyes ran over my ebony body as if he had x-ray vision.  We shook hands as she reminded him that I was Camille from the office.  

I let him know that I had heard all about what a good contractor he was and I was looking for some work to be done for me.  Before Heaven could utter a word, I asked for his card.  Stuffing his card in my bra I told him I would be calling him real soon and walked away.   I could feel his eyes literally glued to my ass as he watched me go.  The tease and denial plan was now set into motion.

As soon as he dropped her at the airport…

His phone rang, it was me on the other end.  I asked him if he was working today.  He advised that because of the rain this morning he would be off.  Without giving him a choice, I advised him I would meet him at his house in an hour because I wanted to see the steam room that he built for his wife.  I hung up without giving him a chance to rebut.     The thought of me being at his house alone already made him nervous.  Up until now, he had never entertained a woman without his wife being home. 

When I arrived at the house, he nervously opened the door before I could even knock.   I demanded that he take me to the steam room.   I followed him loving the sound of my heels clicking on his tiled floors.   We reached the steam and I began to disrobe.  He turned to leave but I commanded him to take a seat on the chair in front of me.   My Tease and denial plan was working, as I knew it would and I have him just where I want him.

Tease and denial have just begun.

His cock was throbbing through his pants.  It looks like that cock was going to break through at any moment.  That made me even wetter.   I enjoyed letting him watch me get undress and turning on the steam.  Our tease and denial session had just begun and he was already begging me to touch my ebony body.

As the steam moistens my body and began rubbing the mist all over.  It’s getting hot in here and it is not just because of the steam room.  He watched my fingers trace up my naked thighs as my other hand teases my erect nipples.  Moaning with pleasure I began giving him jerk-off-instruction.   He did as commanded and watch as I got my ebony pussy wetter and wetter.  

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