Edging sex l has always been something that really gets my juices flowing!  The act of working you into a frenzy just plan turns me on.  Tonight when you come over I want you to have worked for any orgasm that you have coming your way.  I hope you can handle the edging phone sex that this sexy ebony temptress has in store for you. 

Edging sex as soon as you turn your key.  

You come into the house and the lights are dimmed with candles lit throughout.  You follow the sound of the sensual music playing in the bedroom.   I direct you to the shower and prepare you for a night of edging sex as you have never had it.  You have no idea what is in store for you. 

When you come out of the shower I am laying on the bed naked.  You love looking at my ebony skin on the sheets with nothing but a smile to adorn my face.   Your cock gets instantly hard when I spread my legs.   The sexy chocolaty exterior opens up to that sweet pink center and your cock is already jumping.   

Just a taste 

I lay back on my beautiful king-size bed and direct you to put your face between my thighs.   I can already hear your breathing getting heavier.   The warmth of your breath is so enticing and it is such a turn on knowing you want a taste.  “Stick your tongue out,” I tell you.   Then I grabbed you by the back of your head and began to feed you this sweet ebony pussy.  I continue grinding my wet pussy in your face until I squirt my love juices in your mouth.   You lap them up like a good boy.  

My pussy slick, wet, and puffy from the great tongue fucking you just gave me.  I grab you by your arms and pull you on the bed.   Laying you on your back, I straddle you and press your hard cock against my soaked pussy lips.   You were so hot and ready you have no idea that edging sex is what is on the menu tonight. 

I grabbed your stiff thick rod by the shaft and began to rub the head of it inside of my slit.   Making circles around my extremely wet clit.  The precum is just pouring out of it.    My pussy gets wetter and wetter with every stroke of that fleshy head of yours.   I enjoy the tease and denial until my pussy can no longer take it and your cock is begging for release.  It’s then that I allow you to push my legs back and pound my pussy until we both explode. 

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