Ebony mistress sex is what you have truly been craving.  Sure, you have tried other domination phone sex girls.   However, I am the only one who knows what you truly crave. You crave the true domination from an Ebony Goddess. Admit it, you want to explore the world of complete submission to your  Ebony Mistress.  Every day you crave to be that good little pet. Come on admit it, you know that you are nothing compared to a more superior being. Especially a superior Ebony Queen like me.  Your cock should be throbbing with anticipation for what you can do for your Ebony Mistress. There are quite a few that you can serve this Ebony Mistress, you just need to know what you have to offer.   

Size Queen! 

Oh yeah, I am a total size queen.  I like that big long ding dong and love to have my pussy fucked real good. So if that’s you, you are already in a good spot. But that gift was not given to every man.  Some of you guys are walking around with a dick the size of a cocktail weenie.  Don’t worry, you too can still be of service. No matter the size of your tiny little cock you still have the ability to provide some use to me.  “How can a little dick loser like me be of help to you, Mistress?”, is what you are asking.    Well, I am glad you asked and I am happy to share just a few. 

Ass worship!

So you know that your dick ain’t shit, but you sure have a pretty mouth.  Open those beautiful round brown ass cheeks of mine and dive in face first.  Let your tongue circle that sexy brown eye.  Rim my asshole and kiss my pretty cheeks until glaze your whole face like a doughnut. When you are providing ass worship to your Ebony Mistress you make love to my ass and ass hole with your tongue.  That’s right, eat the booty like groceries!

Ebony Mistress Sex has variety! 

There are so many ways that one could be used during your Ebony Mistress sex with me.  You just need to know what you have to offer.   Being a good faithful cuckold is one.   The idea of you sitting and waiting for my freshly fucked pussy to lick the creamy cream pie from.  How about JOI? I would love to be sitting on that face of yours grinding my wet pussy and ass all over your tongue.  All the while, telling you exactly when, where, and how to stroke that cock of yours.  

It’s time for you to make a decision.  Are you ready for an experience unlike no other?  Do you need to give yourself completely to your new Ebony Mistress?  If you have said yes to either of the above questions, then you are ready to serve.  The real question is how will you serve?  

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