School is more exciting with a sexy teacher

I never liked school so much until the first day of my sophomore year when I met my new teacher. He was more attractive than any of the boys in school but then again I have always had a thing for older guys. Since that first day you couldn’t get me to miss another day of school. Maybe if I flunk class I can  get him to tutor me. But thats the perfect time to seduce this sexy teacher. Two weeks after my plan he pulls me aside and says “we need to do some after school sessions to get you back on track Kelsey”. Without hesitation I ask “today good?” he replies “that will do come by after your last class”. I can hardly wait to seduce my teacher.

The time has come

Finally my last class is over I rush to his class room, I sit down at a lab table get my books out and he sits beside me. I’m so happy I wore my shorter skirt today it should get his attention. My heart is pounding the more he talks about chemistry, he’s practically teasing my mind with that calm sexy voice. As I pretend to be interested in his teachings I got so nervous I dropped my pencil, he reaches down for it that’s when I spread my legs open a little to catch his attention. He’s practically speechless, and stumbles to find the words to say “as your teacher I can’t do this.”

I can keep a secret

I was prepared for those words already I reply with “don’t worry I will be your teacher now.” I reassure him no one has to know. A little sigh of relief came across his face, then he glances down at my cute short skirt. I’m calling this teaching the teacher: seduction 101 and finally I got a grin. Grabbing his hand I lead him over to his desk “today I’m your naughty school girl that’s going to seduce you.” Pulling him up against me, I rip the buttons off his shirt. He begins removing my clothes and touching every part of me.

I’m teasing his cock with my hand, his hands are now moving all over my ass grabbing it hard. His cock is throbbing hard up against me, His moans becoming loader. I can tell he wants me. Age play fantasies of your own? I love to role play. From school girl to mean girl. Mean enough to gang bang your wife.

Part 2 Seduction Continues

Seductress Kelsey