Part 2 of my teaching the teacher: seduction 101 . I was prepared for those words already I reply with “don’t worry I will be your teacher now.” I noticed he is practically frozen at this point I reassure him no one has to know a little sigh of relief came across his face, then he glances down at my cute short skirt. I’m calling this teaching the teacher: seduction 101 and finally I got a grin. I grab his hand and lead him over to his desk I whisper “today I’m your naughty school girl who is going to seduce you into her panties.” I lean up against the desk and pull him up against me, ripping the buttons off his shirt, as he is taking off my shirt and grabbing my hips and pulling them towards him. I’m teasing his cock with my hand, his hands are now moving all over my ass grabbing it hard. His cock is throbbing hard up against me, His moans becoming loader. I can tell he wants me.

I slide my hands in his pants and feel his throbbing cock. His moans keep getting louder each time I stroke his cock. with my other hand I slide his hand in my panties and let him feel how wet my pussy is. He pulls down his pants and while I turn my back to him and he thrust his cock into my pussy,and spanks my ass with his hand hard a few times, which makes my moans louder than before. I lean over the desk until my stomach is flat against it and grab the desk edge of the desk in front of me while he pounds into me. He turns me around facing him lifts me up and set me on his desk, pushes me on my back and pounds me some more. Then i wrap my legs around him until my orgasm weakens me. Then I feel him release inside of me.  I’m sure now we have many more afternoon sessions like this. My seduction works real well.

You wanna be my naughty teacher I seduce when class is over? I’d love to be your student, and have after class sessions of student/teacher class room sex. Call me for your school girl fantasies and I will fulfill ever student phone sex fetish you have it can get as naughty as you like it.

Kinky Kelsey


Part one