From my first day of Catholic school kindergarten to my final college seminar, I’ve always been a teacher’s pet. Other kids hated me — but teachers loved me. I was always the first to raise my hand (with the right answer, of course) and the first to stay after class to help out with whatever my teacher needed. I was shameless. . .


And yes, definitely some of that teacher’s pet shamelessness overlapped with being “hot for teacher.” A lot of it, actually — especially when I got to college. Who can resist a throbbing intellect, that knowledge-holding power and taking control of a room-style confidence prowess . . . especially if those things happen to be traits of a particularly handsome teacher? Not me, that’s for sure!

I’m sad to say that I’ve never acted on any of my teacher crushes (even the higher-ed fantasies), but I have definitely masturbated thinking about the assorted intellectual apples of my eye over the years. Actually, my most re-occurring masturbation fantasy that involves former professors is where they watch me get fucked . . . to grade me? To jerk off? Both? That idea gets my slutty exhibitionist self off every time.

I just love the idea of being assessed, of turning in an “A” paper (or performance) that leaves all the other pupils in the dust, and outshines everyone else’s work by light-years. The idea of being the most eager young mind in the classroom (and knowing that I am) makes me hot.

Really fucking hot.

Have you ever jerked off thinking about a teacher you’d love to fuck? Wished your teacher was watching you cum — whether voluntarily or through some twisted coercion?

Call me and we’ll act out our filthiest “pedagogue play” fantasies . . . I’ll have my grading rubric all ready for showtime! Or maybe you’d like to administer my final exam??

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