Teacher Teaches Me Very Well

When I was in school, I was sadly always lousy at math . I just didn’t get it and barely scrapped by. My parents were afraid I’d fail the class entirely, so they insisted I get a tutor.  I would see three times a week. He was an older student, a senior, and very good looking in a geeky kind of way. He wasn’t a teacher, just a smart guy that found math easy and earned money t helping other students pass their math classes. He came over on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s for two hours. He would teach me how to more easily learn what I wasn’t picking up in class.

He Taught Me More Than Math!

I didn’t like it at all,  I was able to better grasp things how he explained it. Many times when he’d come over my parents weren’t home yet. And I decided to flirt with him and see if I got anywhere. I did. He liked me as well, and first we started kissing after I’d get a problem correct. That was good motivation to learn if nothing else! I let him grope my young, full breasts and I was soon fondling his cock. My parents didn’t think a thing of him being alone in my room with me for a couple of hours. It was almost too easy, but we were soon fucking and being quiet right with my parents downstairs. He was a good teacher alright, not only of math, but of sex in general. I was learning how to give blow jobs as well as learn algebra!

My Teacher Had An Thick, Juicy Cock

He had a lovely cock and I was happy to let him slide it into my young pussy. He was so patient, I guess that came from him being a teacher to the young, clueless ones like me every day after school and on the weekends, you have to be patient, and he was in all areas. I was so afraid my parents would find out what we were doing up there, but they never seemed to, and I was glad, I loved being able to play with him after a few moments of math teaching. Grabbing at his cock, squeezing it through his jeans, getting it hard for my pussy.

dana likes her teacher

My grades were improving, so they knew he was helping me, if only they had any clue he was helping their daughter cum while they went about their business downstairs! He licked my pussy and made me cum so hard I usually put the pillow over my face so they wouldn’t hear me when I came. He’d start by flickering his tongue over my shaved pussy and work his way up to my clit and slide a couple of fingers into my pussy, which he’d then teasingly slowly twist as he pulled them out while working his tongue on my clit. I never tired of his attentions and he taught me how to make him cum very hard in many ways. He was a wonderful teacher and I use the things he taught me sexually to this day with boyfriends I have and it’s been wonderful.

Sexy LiL Dana

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