I Was Part Of A Teacher Student Sex Story

Lots of us were a part of a teacher student sex story. I was thinking back last week to one of my naughty escapades with a teacher. Just another one of those teen sex stories  So I was failing math and decided to just be direct with the teacher. I asked if flat out if I had sex with him if he’d pass me. He got this amused look on his face and said he didn’t orgasm easily. If however I could make him cum in five minutes, he’d agree. t was an easy bet I thought. I was soon proven wrong. There was a test the next week and he told me to suck his cock. If he came within the five minutes I’d agreed to, he’d pass me without even writing the test.

I Really Thought I could Make Him Cum Fast

I got down on my knees and reached up and got out his dick and started sucking on it really hard. And then  I slathered the swollen head of it with my drool. After that I massaged his balls and gave them a good squeeze as I tapped his dick on my tongue. I was sure he’d erupt on my tongue any second. The clock behind his shoulder though showed me I’d failed at this test as well. He just chuckled and said maybe next time. This Pissed me off. When I’d wanted a guy to cum before,

Then I  Tried Talking Dirty To Him

I was usually in control of the situation. There was a quiz a few days later. I knew I’d totally blown it, so after school I once again asked him if I could try. This time he had me bent over the desk and I was really milking my cunt muscles around his shaft. I talked dirty as well to help him along. I could not believe when he again did not blow within the five minutes. I’ve never clock watched during sex before, but with this guy, I sure did! He again said I’d not been able to get the job done, so I’d not be getting any pass on the quiz. I was beginning to wonder if he had something medically wrong with him.

I Knew I Better Be Good

There were the crucial final exams coming up, so I had one more chance to get it done. I guess the stars were aligned and I had no clue he hadn’t cum for a week. So this final time before school was my last chance to get it done. I was going to pull out all the stops and be even dirtier than I’d already been. Then  I got on my knees and sucked his dick, he was hard and horny as usual. I did something I felt might be the ticket to a passing grade. When I was sucking him off, I went from his cock, to his balls, and then to his ass. He was not expecting me to do that. The element of surprise was an  understatement. I was pumping his dick so hard and fast my hand was a blur.

My Mouth Was Dripping With Saliva

My mouth was literally dripping with saliva as I drooled all over his cum filled balls. I then lifted them quickly out of the way by pushing upwards and went right for it. I swirled my tongue around his ass and flickered it over the hole. He literally went weak at the knees at my actions.

His hand on the back of my head gripped a handful of my hair in his fingers. His other hand gripped the desk for balance so his knees wouldn’t buckle and give way. I plunged my tongue straight up his ass and wiggled it. Still pumping his cock furiously. All of a sudden he let out a groan and I could feel his cum running down my hand and wrist. I glanced at the clock over his shoulder. Four minutes twenty five seconds, and I said it out loud to him. That was it. I’d won.

Sometimes You Have To Go That Extra Mile

He admitted that he was beat it . He  told me what a nasty little slut I really was and then smirked . I grinned and he said I’d passed. I no longer worried about having to repeat the class at summer school in order to graduate. My teacher student sex story was kind of dirty, but sometimes you need to go that extra mile to win. He was the only teacher I ever did that with. I recall it now and then and think what power I have over men when I want to.

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