Teacher Student Forbidden Sex Affairs, Part I

Teacher student forbidden sex is something that should remain in the realm of fantasy. But all fantasies need to be explored, right? And let’s face it ­– we school/college girls often go through phases on crushing on one of teachers. I, for one, am no exception to this rule. So if the prospect of fucking one of your students gets your cock nice and hard, you’re not the only one. The fantasy is not only reserved for high school teachers and college professors! After all, I’m sure many men that don’t belong to the academic world have watched their share of college girl porn! Not to mention have enjoyed my previous kinky teacher sex stories that I’ve had the pleasure of sharing with you!

You see, there are different sorts of teacher student forbidden sex relationships.

The first one falls into the cliché giggly high school girl kind. That’s the first one I experienced. All of my friends had boyfriends around their own age. Although it was cute to watch them flirt all over the school grounds, I thought they were immature. Holding hands, skipping classes together, smoking cigarettes for the first time, planning their proms, breaking up… etc. etc. etc.

I never really took part of it. In fact, it was much more fun to flirt, make out, and then choose another guy, hopefully not one I’d already had fun with. Then the cycle would be set on repeat with a different guy – maybe even like a washer? RINSE, WASH, REPEAT. Let’s not forget a yawn in between here and there.

So my girlfriends were all star struck and giggly about the captains of whatever sport they played. They chatted and laughed while fixing their makeup and hair in the bathroom. Sometimes I would join them, but only because I was sexing myself up for someone. That someone else didn’t belong to our typical circle of pompoms and hair gel.

You see, I, on the other hand, had a thing for older men. They were educated and didn’t stick bubble gum under a nerd’s desk because it was “cool”. They always smelled nice and knew how to dress.

Our math teacher, Mr. Cole, was hot as fuck. He was the one who originally planted the notion of forbidden teacher student sex in my head. I often pretended to have problems during class. He’d have to bend over my desk to check out my work, and I could catch a whiff of his sexy cologne.

I was never one to be satisfied very long with a relationship without exploring its full potential. At that point, I knew I needed more. The occasional glances and flirtatious smiles were but the icing of a cake I wanted to fully devour.

One day during class, while watching him write some equations on the white board, I began wondering how talented these fingers really were. How would having teacher student forbidden sex with a hot, mature man really feel like? The more I watched him, the more I couldn’t help myself. Sure enough, my fingers slipped under my skirt and right into my damp panties. No one seemed to notice, since I was sitting in the back, so I started rubbing myself furiously. Mmmm how wonderful that felt!!!

As I sat there, finger fucking my pussy, picturing Mr. Cole bending me over a desk, I looked up and stopped short. Mr. Cole was the only person left in the classroom. He stood over me with a blank face and I froze immediately, fingers still lodged somewhere up in my cunt.

“Well, Carmen,” he said, still reserved. He paused, then allowed himself the hint of a mischievous grin. “Perhaps you need a hand with that?”

All I can tell you was that the teacher student forbidden sex we engaged in for the duration of the school year was even kinkier than I had imagined!

Stay tuned for part II of my teacher student forbidden sex story….!

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French Whore Carmen