My Teacher Sex Stories always begin with some young hottie in my class at Beechum Academy for Boys, however, I BEG you to hold off on your judgments.  I didn’t plan it, or anything.   So, young Steven was new to my class and very shy.  Add to that, he was being teased.  But, it wasn’t the normal teasing.  This is BIG DICK teasing.  Yup.  This kid walks around with a WONDERSCHLONG; moreover…TRY not noticing it!

First of all, the boy sat as wide-legged as anyone could and I supposed it was due to his obvious SIZE.  Hell, that thing practically needed its own zip code”!  But, it just hung there.  Additionally, IMPOSSIBLE to NOT STARE!  Oh! The power he packs!  Anyway, his shy tear-filled eyes beckon to me.  I told him to stay after class to talk, and boy did we ever!?

He tells me all about the bullying and how they call him Mr. Big Dick.  And I tell him how I’d wear that like a BADGE OF HONOR!  Sometimes he cries and of course, I comfort him.  So, we’re on the same page, right?  Of course, I NOTICE him getting harder as I hold him in my arms.  And my nipples harden at the thought of the back of my hand touching him there. Wait!  I didn’t do it, just thinking there.  But, oh!  The way he squirmed on my lap as I told him everything would be alright.  I’m sure I left school that first day with a puddle spot on the back of my skirt.

Teacher Sex Stories can get so CUMplicated! LOL.

Long story made longer is that I finally gave in to the pure pleasure of his boyhood smell, soft hair and stiffened woody made me lose my mind!  I found myself gripping his underdeveloped manhood and listening to him moan helplessly.  I stroked it slowly, watching him lick his lips and moan softly at the wonder of it all.

However, when I stopped, his eyes opened wide, pleading that I cunt-inue (giggle).  And so, I did.  I stroked him in most unTEACHERLY ways and I enjoyed every inch of him in my warm, soft hands.  His kiss was what haunts romance novels and I was under a spell.  The spell of a teenager.

Somehow, he twisted in my arms to top me on the desk and I felt him slowly hump my thigh.  It was now my turn to moan aloud. Furthermore, as if by instinct, he opened his pants and I felt the humping again under my skirt and with his full bareness!  We were skin on skin and I needed MORE!  What a GOOD BOY!

Our kisses lasted the entire afternoons until darkness erupted and I had to drive him home.  Of course, I stroked him all the way.  I had his cum in one palm, as I waved good evening to his mother with the other.  I’m such a slut and I loved our secrets!  Steven even started showing up to my class earlier than ever.  Seems he skipped breakfast at home in favor of my dripping milk-jugs.  And he never left a drop for my newborn at home.  His extra-large cock penetrating teacher every chance we got is what kept me going all day.

Teacher Sex Stories just got deeper!

I fond myself calling Stevie from classes at least twice daily; not so much as to be noticed by the principal, but my habit was getting worse.  I needed to taste my good boy, to feel his eager young hands all over my body and plunging deeper and deeper.  Did I worry about getting pregnant?  Of course, I did!  But, even that couldn’t overwhelm my NEED for his youth buried deep in me.

His mother eventually asked me a few questions, which I deflected.  And that’s when I found out.  Summer session would be a nice break, but Steven was such a good student as well as my good boy, so he wasn’t attending.  One day, I found myself end-over-end in the ladies room and I couldn’t imagine why.  Until I remembered the doctor’s orders after my baby was born. “No intercourse for at least 6-weeks, young lady!”

Oh, my!  Was I pregnant with Steven’s baby?

Just as I told him I noticed a camera poised over my shoulder above my desk.  To think of all the loving that had gone on there and I knew it would only be a minute before someone viewed it.  Talk about a CUM along for my Sex Cam SIRprise!  Then and there I resolved that we’d need to move away together and raise our baby.  So, now you see how I cum about doing Taboo Phone Sex? Give me a call and find out for yourself why I’m busy so often.  Be a good boy for me! Giggle.