My Sex Cam surprise of a lifetime came when I had them set up to watch the babysitter.  I was afraid she’d be at MY home fucking that cute football player boyfriend, instead of watching my kids!  What I got was the shock of a lifetime!  I came home a little earlier than usual to find MY husband, BALLS DEEP in the fucking sitter!  She couldn’t have been more than 16 and was tall, thin-waisted and big tits.  You know, your basic nightmare!  I know, because I was one too.  And my Babysitter Sex Stories are STILL unparalleled!  Oh, PLEASE get me started!

So, Cindy was a sweet girl, but she had NO IDEA what she was getting herself into!  She was about to learn!  Tim thought he’d been slicker-than-slick by leaving work 2-hours BEFORE he said he would, however, it takes a quick man to beat me to the punch.  Try again, hubby!  And he didn’t even know I’d been watching LONG before the shriek I let out.

Was it because of the vigor he put into fucking that tight, young cunt?  Or, maybe the way his tongue looked sliding into her pot-smelling mouth? No!  Was it because of the tight little Catholic school skirt she had raised above her curvy hips?  It DEFINITELY wasn’t due to her mother allowing her to spend the night at our house; because, we are the cool parents!

I’ll TELL YOU what my big problem was with what I walk in on.  IT WASN’T ME fucking her sweet-smelling cunt!  Or, ME hoisting that little skirt over her waist.  It wasn’t my tongue plunging into her dick-sucking mouth!  And it wasn’t ME tickling her clit with my nose; as I plunged her pussy with my tongue!

A Sex Cam can turn on you!

I’ve been doing Age Play Phonesex for a long time now; and, I can tell you that my imagination is out of this world.  But, starting out with Cindy has to top them all.  Why? Because she was my first. And we all know, you just never forget your first girl. Right?  I think that first night, I scared the hell out of her…and my husband, Tim.

She was holding onto the support column right there in the living room and the kids were upstairs sleeping.  I could hear the sounds of his BIG, slapping cock against her now wet thighs.  I heard the moans before I opened the front door.  But, the vision of him jack-hammering her cunt was the thing that threw me over that sexual edge!

So, I walked over to her and wiped the fear from her face with a single kiss.  She nearly melted into my mouth and I heard her moan again.  That was all the encouragement I needed to slip my hand between those silky, young thighs and my entire body followed suit.  I found myself on my knees and giving my husband the greatest GIFT he’d ever had.  For years he talked about me and a lesbian affair.  And for years, I had denied him…and me.

I had never had any desire for chicks, but the look on his face erased all of that!  Making him happier than he’d ever been was my focus.  He joined in as I held my hand out to him.  He slid his dick back inside her from behind as I sucked her cunt hard and plunged my tongue inside.  I could feel his dick on the other side of the membrane wall inside her and sucked her to cumming all over my face.

Sex Cam viewing is just as exciting as when they were filmed!

We only have one RULE about fucking other people; we simply have to apprise the other that it’s going to happen PRIOR to doing it.  That way, we’re not really cheating.  And it gives each of us the opportunity to turn on the viewer for the cams from wherever we are.

One time, I was traveling on business when I heard that familiar signal; but I was on a commuter train!  Under normal circumstances, one might simply ignore it, but I couldn’t miss out on a single second of our kinky cam sex, so… what’s a girl to do?  You damned right!  I barely made it to the bathroom and flipped the ocupada sign to “UNAVAILABLE”.

My panties were weighed-down by my female version of pre-cum.  I was so turned on seeing first Tim’s cock, (then even more by Cindy on her knees taking his member deep down her throat) that my panties couldn’t hold all of my wetness.  GOD, that little whore had learned SO MUCH from us and was even flipping the script a lot by doing the seducing.  I felt almost like a proud mama with my cub!

With the door locked I spoke in whispers to them to let them know I’d joined in. Tim sucked her young asshole while she spread her thighs to reveal her cunt or my to mock-lick.  And lick I DID!  I coaxed her to cumming with only my words and watched her squirt all over the camera as if it was my face.  And I moaned her name while tasting her in my mind.

Since then, Cindy is much older, but we still see her as the young girl we once seduced together.  It’s made our marriage a LOT stronger. We’re more open and honest about our sexual desires and have even talked about inviting others to join us with group sex.

But, we’re always on sex cam to memorialize our adventures.

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