Teacher Sex Stories: The Naughty Slutty French Teacher

Teacher Sex Stories: French is a pretty fucking sexy language. So every time I teach French, I dress slutty for the occasion.

Today, for instance, my black push-up bra shows right through my blouse. My mini skirt hugs my hips and tight ass as I prance around in my heels, conjugating French verbs on the blackboard. Well, you’ve got to keep these horny students’ attention somehow, right?!? After all, they should all be learning from my past experiences in the academic worls having fun as a sexy college girl with my slutty sorority sisters!

A male student speaks out. “Miss Carmen?”

I gaze at him flirtatiously. “Yes, darling?”

“Can we conjugate the verb ‘to suck my cock’ in French?”

I giggle. “Why of course!”

I sit on the desk and cross my legs, flashing my delicious shaven pussy to the entire class.

I feel juice tricking down my thighs. Yep, this is why teacher sex stories to this day remain my absolute fucking favorite. “Do you remember how to say ‘suck’ in French?”



I jump off my desk and strut back over to the blackboard. My skirt is hiked up a bit from sitting down. I can tell my ass cheeks are hanging out as I begin to write:

I suck his cock:  Je lèche sa bite.

You suck his cock:  Tu lèches sa bite.

He/She sucks his cock:  Il/Elle lèche sa bite.

We suck his cock:  Nous léchons sa bite.

You suck his cock:  Vous léchez sa bite.

They suck his cock:  Ils/Elles lèchent sa bite.

When I turn around the student is next to me. He reaches in his pants and pulls out a rock hard 7-inch cock. Yummy.

“How about showing me how to really conjugate that verb, Miss Carmen?”

I smile as I drop to my knees and begin teasing the tip of his beautiful dick with my tongue. Other students are lining up behind him, including girls. Looks like I’ve got a lot of teaching to do!

You can only guess what happens next…

So are YOU are ready for a naughty French lesson? Or maybe you’ve always wondered what it’d be like to fuck a French girl? Call me for the naughtiest foreign phone sex!

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