College Sex Stories as a Naughty French Exchange Student

College sex stories are always fun to tell, aren’t they? Horny college girls and boys ready to party, fuck, and try out their every teenage fantasy. Well I certainly was no exception.

As a French exchange student, I certainly had an interesting time attending school in America – and managed to collect the most shocking, taboo college sex stories EVER.

My college sex stories are even dirtier than the average. With French as my native tongue, taking English classes was particularly hard. And nope – not in a good, kinky, dirty and fuck-the-shit-out-of-me kind of hard.

One of my favorite college sex stories involves my English lit professor, Professor Vincent. I’d heard all types of interesting crazy sex stories about him – like how he was into BDSM and had multiple fetishes – but I assumed they were rumors.

Until one day, I realized there was no way I’d pass the class. I’d been partying a little too much and had been getting very well acquainted with lots of American guys and girls. I’d have to take matters in my own hands.

So I show up during his office hours wearing a little plaid skirt, trying to look innocent and like I’m on the verge of crying.

“Professor Vincent?” I start, but he calmly motions for me to shut the door and take a seat.

“What can I do for you, Carmen?”

I gaze at him with big watery brown eyes, leaning on the desk to expose my large tits and speaking with a heavy French accent.

“It is your class, Professor.” He gets up, walking around the desk as I carry on. “The English language…it is very…difficile…”

I feel his hands on my shoulders. “Yes?” he says.

“And…it’s been really really hard… being away from my family…and France…”

His hands have moved up to my neck. “And you’d like to know if there’s any extracurricular activities you could do to boost your grade?”

I try to turn around and look up at him but his hands tighten around my neck.

“No need to speak with your French accent any longer. I think you and I can certainly come to an agreement.”

He releases my neck. Catching my breath, I watch him walk away and lock his office door, then his eyes study me for a few seconds.

“You realize I have very peculiar taste when it comes to extracurricular activities?”

I nod, watching him unlock and open an armoire in the corner of the room, then peek inside. Fuck yeah. It’s about to get kinky as fuck in here.

Maybe I’d been wasting my time fucking these college girls and boys. All I know is that got an A in that course and then signed up for every class Professor Vincent taught. In the end I accumulated dozens and dozens of the kinkiest, dirtiest and freakiest college sex stories.

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