As promised, here is the 2nd part to my guest blogger’s steamy entry on my gift for the art of teacher seduction!

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We moved over to the weight bench where she sat in front of me. She curled her fingers over my waist band and shoved my shorts to the floor. My cock bounced as it reached freedom. Zoey reached out and wrapped both of her hands around my shaft. Then she leaned forward and placed my head into her mouth. She sucked gently at first and slid her tongue up and down over the tip. She moved one hand away and drew me deeper into her mouth. I could feel the tip beginning to touch her throat as about an inch of flesh was still visible between her lips and her hand. She sucked vigorously here for a few minutes. She moved both hands to my waist and slowly inched my cock down her throat. She held me all the way in for a moment and then pulled back. She deepthroated my cock multiple times, caressing my balls while she sucked. She also licked at my balls with my cock down her throat. Her sexy seductive blue eyes were watering.

I took a step back and instructed her to undress. She stood and peeled her shirt off, revealing the soft pink lace of her bra. She turned around and bent over slowly as she pulled her shorts down over her round firm ass revealing a thong that matched the bra she wore. I reached out and unfastened her bra. I stepped closer to her, pulling her close to me. I wrapped my arms around her, cupping my hands around her perky round tits. I kissed her neck gently. I guide her to lie on her back on the weight bench. I lift her feet in the air and pull the panties up her long slender legs. I sniff the crotch of the thong. It is soaking wet but smells incredibly sweet. I kneel and press her thighs apart, revealing her glistening wet bald pussy. I lean down and bury my tongue insider her pussy, her juices begin running onto my tongue. I run my tongue up between her lips and encircle her clit before sucking it into my mouth. As I suck on her clit, she begins to squirm, moaning loudly. I slip a couple fingers inside her pussy, pressing them into her g-spot. She begins pumping her hips with the pressure of my fingers. I continue to suck her clit as I finger fuck her pussy. Within moments, more of her sweet juices are flowing from within her. I pull my fingers from her dripping pussy and put them to her mouth. She sucked her juices from her fingers, moaning from the pleasure of the sweet flavor.

I take her hand and pull her off the bench. I lie on the mats on the floor and she straddles my waist. She drops to her knees and guides my cock into her dripping wet snatch. Her cum running down my cock, drenching it with her pussy lube. She takes all of me into her petite little pussy. She lets out a whimper as my cock penetrates her to depths she has never felt. She clenches her walls around my cock as she slides up and down, grinding as she reaches the bottom. I grab her neck and pull her down to me, kissing her lips and then sucking her nipples. I release her neck so she can sit back up. She begins bouncing on my cock, her perky tits bouncing in time with her bounce on my cock. Screams and squeals escape her soft puffy lips as she pierces my eyes with her own. Lust has overtaken her as she grinds her pussy onto my cock.

I lift her off of me and instruct her to get on her hands and knees. I move in behind her and like a spear, my cock penetrates her cunt. My hands tightly grasp her hips as my pelvis slaps against her ass, driving my cock deeper into her, harder, faster. She has repositioned herself in a way that she has twisted her upper body so that she can look into my eyes. My balls tighten and my cock twitches as I release my cum deep into her pussy. I pull out of her, my cum oozes from her pussy onto the mats. I help her get cleaned up and dressed. As she moves toward the door, I hand her a slip of paper with my address. I tell her that my wife is out of town for a few days so come by for more private lessons.

I had SO much fun that day! But did I take him up on his offer for more private lessons? Call me, and I’ll tell you all about it!

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