One of my AWESOME callers wrote a blog dedicated to – ME! And, the fine art of teacher seduction! He of course, is the teacher in the scenario. I of course, am the dirty little college cutie that is SO good at teacher seduction that I should be teaching an intro class on it myself! =)
Read on!

It was the start of my second semester teaching martial arts and self defense at the University. We were about 2 weeks into the semester when this stunning young woman walked into the class. She had long blonde hair and blue eyes that seemed to penetrate my soul. She was taller than some of the other ladies in the class, so the tight short shorts she wore showed off miles of smooth, toned legs. She was also wearing a tiny tank top with a black sports bra underneath. She was quite perky and energetic when she came to me at the front of the aerobics room to introduce herself and let me know that she had just transferred in and enrolled in the class. Her name was Zoey, and that name I would not soon forget.

She struggled to perform a lot of the techniques that we practiced in class. On the positive side, she at least tried, and tried hard. I could see that she was clearly quite athletic, so I was surprised to see her struggling in this class. So I wasn’t overly shocked when she came by my office one afternoon. My office is set up so that I have the “normal” office area, but I also have a room in the back that I use as a private workout area. I have a couple heavy bags and some weight equipment. The walls are lined with mirrors and one wall has various horizontal bars running along it at different heights. I was in the back working out on a heavy bag when Zoey strolled into the room. She was wearing hot pink Nike running shorts with a matching dri-fit t-shirt.

She admitted her struggle with the class and asked if there was any way she could get some private instruction. I agreed and suggested we start with some stretches. I had her sit on the floor with her legs spread. I sat in front of her, facing her. I placed my feet against her ankles and pressed her legs open wider. I took her hands in mine and pulled her toward me. As she leaned toward me, I was able to catch a glimpse down her shirt. Her bra was a lighter pink than her shirt, and pressed her tits up and together. Her skin looked so smooth, I wanted to reach out and caress her. I could feel myself beginning to get hard at the thought. We completed a few other stretches and began to work on her form on some basics.

We started with a side kick. I demonstrated proper form a couple of times and guided her through the process. When it seemed she was still struggling, I discovered some problems with her stance that was throwing off the entire kick. I guided her over to the wall with the bars. I had her kick and rest her foot on the bar that was about waist high for Zoey. I stood behind her, moved her hands to where they were between her and the mirror. I placed one hand on her back shoulder for support. With my foot, I shifted her bottom foot to its proper position. I put my free hand on her pelvis, hear her hip and rotated her hip back toward me. I moved closer to her, my crotch was against her butt. I slid my hand over her extended leg and lifted her thigh a bit to straighten her knee. The soft flesh of her inner thigh was on fire. This made me rock hard. It was obvious that she felt my cock stiffen because she giggled a little and pressed back against me, rotating her hips slightly back and forth. I asked her if she could feel the difference. She smiled as she nodded her head, pressing her ass back against me more. I said I meant the stance of the kick. She lowered her foot and faced me.

She said she knew what she was doing with the kick. She was pretending to struggle to get sympathy and to meet with me in private. She reached down and grabbed my cock through my shorts and told me that that is what she really wanted.

… Find out what happened next when I post Part 2 later! OR, don’t wait! Call me and find out RIGHT NOW!

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