This was the fourth time Timmy had turned in an incomplete report. At this point, he was just mocking me. It was about time to show Timmy How a Teacher Punishes Student that don’t want to learn. I knew no one would be in the band room 5th period so I gave Timmy detention there. He was confused by why the band room. However, I told him I was going to make him work his assignment off. It’s about time this little boy learns who is in charge!

Timmy walks in an I’m by the drums. Then I take a stick and point it at him and tell him.

Do you know why we are meeting here Timmy?

Well, Let me tell you,  Timmy. Here in our school, Timmy, we have ways of teaching bad boys like you.  Walking around him Smacking him with the drum stick on his ass! Timmy, Now Get undressed! Then I heard Tommy Ask why Smacking him with the Drum stick I said cause I told you so! Now do it, Boy! Tommy Undressed as I stared at his little frame of a man. I could tell from the class he acted like this big deal on the school ground. However, I doubt this young mind knew anything. Then He was gonna learn today though. I wasn’t playing around as I grab his cock and lead him to the front of the band room. Pushed him down on the desk. Then Telling him to spread his legs as I reach down with one hand an stroke his balls. Then Slam the Drum Stick against his ass! Now Timmy as I reached around stroking his cock.

This is how bad boys in our school learn.

Sometimes we have to enforce Teachers Punishes Student training. I hope you’re enjoying your ass get redden. Laying another wack! on his ass. After about 10 good Red marks on his ass, I throw his tried body to the ground. Timmy was talking it very well so far. Timmy, shed a few tears and only a few whimpers as I taught him whose was boss instead of his Submissive Girlfriend.

This Fuckboy had more to learn about how a teacher punishes student!

I flipped him over raised my skirt and sat on top of his face! This boy was gonna lick my cunt till creamed all over his face! Disrespecting me was the wrong thing to do. Now I was going to make him turn in his homework assignment of getting me off! Gridding my pussy back and forth on his lips. Grabbing his hair and riding his face! Saying That’s Right Fuckboy whose teaching you Now! Make My Pussy cum! Your All big and Bad at school but what happens to fuck boys when they go through Teacher Punishes Student classes! Turn in your homework little boy and this won’t happen!

That’s right Feel my cunt cream on your face! You Like it as I slap his hard cock. Now go jack your cock off in the corner as a fuck boy does. Be back here tomorrow because I’m not done showing you what Teacher Punishes Student classes are. Oh and If you tell anyone I have you on tape being bent over by Mr. Tayor last week. When you got caught calling using fetish phone sex!Hot-Anal-Creampie-Whore-Loves-A-Good-Time