Teacher caught being a perv.  Should I tell?

Teacher caught in student’s panties.  Now there’s a headline that no teacher wants to be responsible for.  However, it’s just so hard when a male teacher is surrounded by hot young teens who are forced to wear skirts every day.  They can’t get much done in gym class with skirts on, though, and that is when things get interesting.

I won’t lie.  I like thongs.  I’ve loved them ever since I could choose my own panties.  But, I had to learn that some clothes don’t go well with thongs — gym clothes, for example.  When you have a round, ample ass like mine, bending over is an ever-present gamble.  I can’t let my uptight teachers see my thong, or else I might get into trouble.  So, the solution was easy.  Simply don’t wear them during gym class.  As soon it was over, I could slip them right back on.  The plan was full proof until one day.

My panties were going missing.

It was so odd.  Naively, I thought to myself, “who would ever want to steal someone’s dirty panties?” and I chalked it up to me, misplacing them.  But then it kept happening over and over again.  My beautiful panties were disappearing without a trace.  There was only so much that paranoia could answer for.  No one else had the combination to my locker.  It was safely kept within the school’s records.  This couldn’t go on.  I liked my panties.  They were cute, often pink, and definitely skimpy enough to make me feel sexy.  I didn’t want to keep having to replace them.  So, one day, I decided to hide in the showers during gym.  I waited and waited until I heard the squeak of the back door entrance of the locker room opening.

In slides my chemistry teacher.

He was old, stern, and rather gross.  I especially didn’t like him because I was failing his class, but that was beside the point.  What on earth was he doing sneaking into the locker room behind our backs?  It didn’t take long for me to find out.  He went straight to my assigned locker and grabbed the bundle of clothes I changed out of.  Within it was my panties.  At first, he examined them as if he’d hit pay dirt.  Then he slapped them right on his face and inhaled hard.

“Ahhh, Crystal.  You busty little skank.”

I couldn’t believe what he’d called me.  The insults didn’t stop there.

“What’s a girl your age doing with slutty panties like these?  Are you fucking some boyfriend?  Maybe old, dirty men or paying you to sit on their faces and take their cum.”

This was a complete one-eighty from how I usually saw him.  He was typically annoyed and rude.  Now he’s sucking on my panties like a lollipop while beating his old, wrinkled meat.

“Filthy slut,” he said over and over again.

I didn’t know whether to be more angry or disgusted by this.  I think the fact that he was an old dirty creep made it worse.  His old, low-hanging nut sack pulsed and twitch as they were getting ready to blow.  With one nasty groan, he spurted so hard in my panties that cum actually shot through to the other side.  I didn’t know dirty old men came like that, and if he knew what was good for him, he wouldn’t let anyone find out.

I come out holding my phone in one hand.

“Well, well, well. Is that how you feel about me?”  I smirk with tons of proof in the palm of my hand.  “Don’t bother answering.  I’ll make this quick and easy to understand.  If you don’t want everyone in this school and then some to see this video of you on their feeds, there’s going to be some changes.”

You know, it’s funny how some girls report a perverted teacher caught to the authorities.  Thanks to them, I’m now a straight-A student with glowing recommendations.  All of my missing panties have been replaced with money to spare.  I can do or be whatever the hell I want to thanks to dirty old men not being able to keep it in their pants.  I only hope other girls learn from me.

Are you a dirty teacher caught up in something that could get you into a lot of trouble?  Call my phone sex line and tell me all about it.  It’ll be our little secret.