Impregnation goes completely out of control!

Impregnation scandal!  That’s what the news called it. Every girl at St. Josephine’s all-girls school has been knocked up by one man. The disgruntled janitor had access to every part of campus and an inside source on security. All he had to do was wait until lights out. Then, throughout the semester, he entered through roof accesses, windows, and even though the front door. Once inside, he had all night to play with whomever he wished.

He liked to put on shows for the girls too young and naive to know what was going on.

Thanks to the system of education at St. Josephine’s, some girls were still unfamiliar with what a cock looked like, so it is likely that they were frozen in shock when he’d whip out his meaty, mature, veiny, ten-inch monster and began jerking it while saying the foulest things. He demanded to look at their pussies and even went so far as to help himself when a girl said no. He’d pull down those little panties himself, spread those milky thighs, and pound that virgin catholic cunt until his massive cock was satisfied. Sometimes, he wouldn’t even fit inside and, instead, exploded all over those soft pussy mounds. Every girl’s tale about his loads was the same: they were massive. So, even if he came outside of them, there was so much cum that it was still a high probability some got in.

The older girls were a different story

He called them teasing sluts as he’d assail all of their holes. He fucked their faces and assholes, but saved his cumshot for their pussies. The way he claimed their bodies begged for his loads had him cumming multiple times in each cunt. So why was this allowed? How could something so cruel happen over such a long period of time? Well, certainly not because the girls liked it. Certainly not because the only reason it was found out was that the first batches were starting to show. Certainly not because his victims wanted to be part of his twisted harem, certainly not…

The man is due to have close to 300 children by the end of the summer, for not a single girl was willing to abort their child.  The man has been detained for the dozens of counts of rape, though he hardly sees it as a punishment thanks to the numerous conjugal visits he receives per day.  He likens it almost to a free brothel where the ‘bitches come to you’.  Many furious (or perhaps curious) mothers have also visited ‘talk’ privately with him to find out what he did to corrupt so many.  They, too, have been reported to be pregnant.  All claim that the unborn child belongs to their husbands despite the husbands’ claims that sex stopped almost completely after their wife’s visits to jail.

Would you be able to resist the impregnation of that sweet, young pussy? I hope not. Then you’d have no reason to call my phone sex line to play.

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