I fucked daddy after he found out what I did with his sons.

I fucked daddy.  Not my own daddy but the daddy of the boys I was paid to babysit.  He was driving me home when he started talking to me and it was like he knows about the cum loads in my panties slowly dripping out of my pussy.  He kept asking me how I was able to tucker out the boys by 8:30 pm every Friday that I babysat for him.  He also made comments about my clothes and how boys their age would hardly be able to resist a developed body like mine.  I started to blush, and he finally came out with a question that made me realize that the jig was up.

“Did you suck their cocks first?”

What was I supposed to say?  No?  Not only would that have been a lie, but it would have been an obvious one.  I most definitely did suck their nuts dry.  I nodded gingerly.

“Show me,” he demanded.

My eyes got wide at his request.  He wanted me to show him how I sucked his sons’ cocks?  While driving?!  Apparently, he was serious because he unzipped his pants and out popped his thick, juicy, mature cock.  I immediately started to drool at the sight of it.  I used to think the boys were big.  How that I was staring down the cock that created them, I couldn’t believe how spoiled for choice I was.

“You’re a little whore, aren’t you?” he asked, his cock oozing as he said it.  “I bet if I stuck my fingers up your little teen cunt, I’d find a ton of cum, wouldn’t I?  You can’t get enough of cock, can you?”

I swallowed, realizing that he was right.  I couldn’t help myself before, just like I couldn’t help myself then and there.  I just had to taste his cock.  Oh well.  In for a penny, am I right?

Wanna hear part two of my role play?  Call my phone sex line, daddy.