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Now, Daddy figures it’s his turn

He storms into my room, demanding I explain myself and I am just shocked!  He says a friend of a friend of a friend told him and he can’t believe how disappointed he is in me.  So he tells me to think about mom and how upset she’ll be once she finds out.  Of course, I beg daddy not to tell her.  He’s prepared to keep my secret for mom’s sake, but only after learning my lesson.

This is when daddy whipped out his cock

If I was shocked before, my jaw is now on the bedroom for at the sight of my own father’s manhood.  He says that this is the only way to make sure I never take another mature cock again.  Daddy’s going to use me and fuck the habit out of me.  He pushes me to my knees before I even have a chance to make a decision and his cock goes straight down my throat.  In his brain, he can’t believe his slutty little daughter isn’t even gagging.  How many cocks has she serviced?  To punish me for being so good at it, he grabs the back of my head and pounds my throat like a pussy.  In an instant, I feel daddy’s creamy punishment shooting down my throat.  But, he’s not done yet.

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