Here Comes A Tasty Sex Story for You to Feast On!

So, is this tasty sex story a trick or treat? I’m sure as a rule everyone is looking forward to some fun on this Halloween night and getting some tasty, sweet treats. I have a treat of a story for you about the many urges that I have tried to keep hidden. However, sometimes I just can’t hold back any longer, and the urges surface. Like in this tasty sex story dream.

Remember my horror sex story dream that I was telling you about last week?  Where I was recounting an evil dream I was having? Here is the conclusion for you, a tasty sex story…

The man wakes up in the dark.

He doesn’t know where he is or how long he has been there. He tries to move but discovers his arms and legs have spread open and been bound to a table. Suddenly he hears a noise to the right. Imagine hearing everything, but being unable to see anything. I lay my hands on him and start to caress and rub his bare skin. All he can feel is warm oil followed by a sensual massage starting from his chest down his legs. I give him a sensual massage that would put anyone over the moon!

Next, I massage his legs to his thighs. He moans as I apply some light massage to his balls. Screams are followed by whimpers as I squeeze his balls hard. I have so many plans for this bad man. Slowly, I retrieve a box from under the table where he is strapped.  An audible snap could be heard as I toyed with him and opened and closed the lid of the box. He shivered not knowing what to expect.

The clamps were placed on his nipples so fast he didn’t have time to do anything but whimper. I gave a good pull to his nipples making them stand out on end. I’m more than positive the clamps made his erect nipples sting.

Everyone deserves to feel wanted and appreciated. So, taking his cock in my hand I slowly started to stroke his cock.  I could feel the shaft pulse in my hands. The head was quite big. I flipped him over on his stomach. Applying more oil, I massaged and focused a lot on his back, shoulders, and butt.

Getting my guest ready for dinner!

I grabbed my paddle to tenderize his ass. First, I spanked one cheek, then the other one. Then I went back and forth from one cheek to the other cheek, again and again.

Next, I applied some herbs for the ultimate taste and effect. I’m sure he wondered why the massage was so dirty. The smell of mint and other great things filled his nostrils. Before flipping him back over I stuffed his ass with an enema to flush him out. I’ll never forget the way he squealed like a pig as I inserted it into his bottom.

I sat on his face and ordered him to lick my pussy as it would be the only snack he was getting. His tongue felt so good. I just wanted him to make me cum over and over as he slid his tongue along my swollen clit.

The final preparation!

As he licked me, I oiled him up and massaged his belly and thighs. Every time his cock wanted to get hard he would let out a yelp under my ass. I decided to be merciful. I put the tip of my strap-on into his mouth and told him to suck on it. He hungrily took the cock down his throat as I massaged and put more sensual herbs all over his front. Then the world went dark for him as he began to feel so sleepy.

At last, the timer went off in the oven. I took my meat out and started slicing the succulent dinner. The aromas filled the air, so I knew I had put just the right amount of seasonings. Dinner was so good along with a salad. My favorite part was the butt as it was so easy to cut into. Too bad I was eating alone after all.

The doorbell rang as I welcomed my first candy hunter. I looked out the window and saw all the mommies and daddies and couldn’t help but smile a little and feel a little hungry inside for something delicious later on.

Whew, what a delicious dream.  If you are still here that means you are ready to submit to the ultimate humiliation phone sex. You could be having fun right now with your very own tasty sex story!


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke