A tasty FemCan fantasy should fill your belly up, right? 

Considering of course that my goal would be to fatten you up, it better. Tasty FemCan fantasy role-play calls are my favorites that unfortunately are somewhat niche. I rarely get to do these types of sessions but when I do, my mind comes alive and the ideas start just pouring right out. For today’s sex blog I have decided to share one of my more recent female cannibalism phone sex appointments. It took a little bit to convince my new meal that he needed to submit to my appetite. I supposed if it were me on the menu I would struggle a little bit too and so that’s rightfully understandable. 

You see- I make the best blueberry pie. The flakey crust is my great-grandmother’s recipe and it’s loaded full of butter. There’s so much going on with the flavors when they hit your tongue. Sweet and salty with just the right amount of that super special crust. The tasty FemCan fantasy flavors will roll around across your tastebuds while you try to place what exactly makes my blueberry different. 

Sorta hard to put your finger on it, isn’t it?

I was married to this guy who really just wasn’t staying true to the promises we made on our wedding day. No, he wasn’t cheating – Don’t get ahead of yourself. Instead, my sweet hubby was staying out all hours of the night doing unsavory things like drinking whiskey and playing poker. I was feeling more and more like a broken record with my nagging. Wanting out of the marriage was obvious but how to do it? I was a little poor housewife with a passion for baking and a life insurance salesman had really scared me recently. What would I do if my husband were croak? More than that, what on Earth would I do with the body? 

This is where my tasty FemCan fantasy comes in..

I stayed up at the kitchen table a few nights ago with the life insurance policy out to discuss the health concerns I have been having for him. Of course, my husband tried to reassure me that the drink and smoke wouldn’t end him prematurely but he agreed that I should be taken care of if anything unfortunate, or delicious, were to take place. I slide a blueberry flavor protein shake across the table to him. He looks at me a little funny but I explain that all those long nights really have him withering away. Hubby is so skinny and I like a man with a meaty (yum!) Dad-Bod. 

Several weeks go by and he’s really starting to take shape. Those shakes are really working! He is a little sluggish but the weight gain is due to have some setbacks. The strangest thing is happening tho – My husband is turning blue and he actually SMELLS like blueberries. Can you smell where this tasty FemCan fantasy leads next? 

Late at night again he has arrived home, this time he can’t help but notice that big batch of piecrust I have in the works or the giant pot I have simmering on the oven. Sugar, vanilla, butter, blueberries..however, I’ve run out of last season’s berry harvest. Luckily I know just where to find one very special and plump berry just waiting to get picked, smooshed, cooked, and devoured. 

Bon Appétit to me!

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