My spooky spectrophilia fetish all began when I got really into horror films & the paranormal. 

I would throw on an old 80’s scary movie after school and fantasize about a ghost fucking me raw in the middle of a slumber party. Maybe we shouldn’t have played with that Ouija board? This truly spooky spectrophilia fetish is not something I could really tell anyone about either. Thankfully though- Here at the Phone Sex Kingdom anything truly goes and I’ve had the chance to confess this dark desire with a few of my callers. They’re always sort of shocked but entertained by the idea. Once I go into full detail- It makes their cocks harder than a skeleton’s boner!

Remember the original Poltergeist? I’m fairly sure that was one of my first faux-pornos when I was younger. Honestly, I would find myself sort of jealous of the little brat getting so much attention from that sexy unembodied spirit. Oh, how much I wanted it to come throw ME around my bedroom for a little while one night. Having a spooky spectrophilia fetish cannot be exclusive to just me, right? It’s a rare and taboo phone sex topic for sure but if you’ve found yourself reading this, you’d probably be interested in hearing more. 

And so, I will comply and continue to share..

I got my hands on another Ouija board not too long ago but have waited to bust it out in hopes of making an unearthly connection. Perhaps getting myself possessed would be a fun way to have a ghost-fling? Demons probably know how to get a lady’s motor running better anyway. As usual, I was horny home alone with plenty of free-time to reach out to the other side. I slid into some sexy black lace lingerie. Then deciding to go the full route by setting up candles as well as burning incense. Setting the mood is key for these sorts of exploratory moments. 

Moving to the floor now, setting the witch’s spirit board on a velvet pillow.

Then I place my fingertips on to the planchette, unsure of if I should close my eyes or..leave them open? Speaking aloud I said, “Is anyone dead here tonight? It’s can speak to me, so long as you have decent spelling skills.” The piece begins to move like crazy around the game-board, swirling like mad and dragging my hands along with it. 

H-O-T    B-L-O-N-D-E     P-U-S-S-Y 

Oh shit! Is this really it? Did my spooky spectrophilia fetish fantasy manifest itself into reality or am I doing this? Just then I hear the roaring sounds of every vibrator I own starting all at once. This causes my bedside table to begin coming toward me and fast! The drawer pops open and they fly out, pinning me crucifixion-style to the wall. I see a shadowy figure slip out from the closet, stroking his big shadowy dick. My cunt dripping and soaking the fabric of my thong, I am so hungry for this and beyond ready.

I sure hope dead guys really know how to fuck! You’ll need to call me to find out though. 😉 


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke