Every Sunday morning my family and I have breakfast at home. Mom cooks up an amazing meal. Pancakes, eggs, bacon, and sausage. It is delicious. She prides herself on her cooking. This past Sunday, just like very other one, my older brother could barely get up because he had been drinking the previous night. When we sat on the table I would have never imagined that that morning I would taste my brother’s cum.
I sat at the table while mom was setting everything. My brother walked and stood right next to me, and I could see his cock outline in the thin pajamas he was wearing. I couldn’t help it, his cock look so big even when he was soft. He sat right across me. We starting eating and the only thing I could think about was his cock. I knew it was wrong since he is my brother but I knew for a fact he would sometimes spy on me while I was sunbathing. So without hesitation, I extended my legs up to his lap, and when I did he just smiled. Mom and dad didn’t even notice. I started rubbing his inner thighs. I want it to tease him with my bare feet. He suddenly took his cock out through the pajama holes. I started massaging his cock with my feet. It was so big I’m surprise it didn’t hit the top of the table. I could see he was enjoying it. Hi eyes were glued to my low cut top and he couldn’t keep up with the conversation.

We were almost all done with our breakfast and I really want it my brother to cum. I want it him to finish off, silently and have us go about the rest of our day like nothing happened. I kept stroking his cock with my feet, nice and slow so mom and dad wouldn’t suspect. Then it finally happened. My brother exploded all his delicious cum all over my feet. It was so subtle, too. My pretty toes were covered in his load. I dropped my napkin, reached down and covered two of my fingers in his warm cum. As soon as I came up, I slowly licked them. My brother tasted amazing! His face was priceless. His young, sexy little sister, tasting his load.

Soon after we were done having breakfast. I only had one thing to say to my mom, “This is was best tasting breakfast ever, mom”.



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