Tasting your own juices

You love watching that slut deep-throating your cock, and you love the way she holds your jizz in her mouth. You love when she sticks her tongue out and you can watch your cum spurt into her mouth and down her throat. That beautiful creamy milky white puddle just gathers on her tongue, right before she swallows every creamy drop down. But have you ever wondered what it would be like tasting your own juices?

With girls it’s more acceptable, tasting our own juices I mean. We ride and fuck a guys’ cock covering it with our sticky sweet nectar, it’s only proper manners for us to clean up our mess. So we give a gentle blowjob, draining you of every drop and cleaning your cock of our cum. Even when masturbating, a lot of times we just lick our fingers, shove them deep into our twats only to cum all over them and then taste ourselves. And what a sweet taste it is, there is nothing like tasting your own juices. Cum has a unique flavor all its own.

I get hot watching “unique” & unexpected sex acts.

I remember Ryan, one of my first real sexual partners. He and I were lying side by side in a 2 person tent (we had gone camping with his parents). We had zipped our sleeping bags together and made 1 over-sized sleeping bag. We began to masturbate each other. Him fingerbanging me, and me jerking him off. If my pussy needed slickening, he brings his hand to my mouth and I would wet his fingers by licking them. I mirrored his actions.

If I felt friction while tugging on his cock, I would draw my hand to his mouth. The 1st time he grimaced, nodding his head for me to do it. I smiled and playfully shook my head “no” and rubbed my fingers against his lips until he opened up and let a sufficient saliva string form on the pads of my index and middle finger. Then I would move my hand down and rub it against the head of his cock. His response was arousing. The unnerving feeling of my fingers sliding smoothly around his cock head and his response were enough to send me over the edge. I began cumming all over his digits. His raised his hand in front of my face as I watched my lusts’ eruption string and web between his fingers. I licked and sucked them clean, kissing him passionately.

Reaching my hand back up to his mouth he eagerly gave me his slick secretion.

I then began to masturbate him more vigorously. His breath hitched and his hips bucked as he quickly found his way to orgasm. I held my hand there, cradling his cock head. Catching all the silky sweet droplets Ryan had to offer. I held them in my hand carefully pulling my arm free.

I let him watch me, dipping my tongue in his sweet spunk. Offering him some of his own, he looked down shyly. ” Nothing more liberating, than tasting your own juices Ryan” He looked to me as if he was second guessing my statement. I dipped my tongue once more and kissed him madly, shoving my tongue covered in his juices in his warm inviting, accepting mouth.

He looked in my eyes ” I taste so good, on you Anna” then he dipped his tongue into my sperm puddled hand.



Are you wondering what tasting your own juices may be like?

Maybe you’d like some C.E.I? (cum eating instructions)

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