Tall Beautiful Brunette needs a man with the full package.

Men these days seem to spend a lot of time half in and half out. I have the overall experience of wishy-washy boys that seem intimidated by a Tall Beautiful Brunette. Women in Los Angeles are beyond dynamic, and truly seek a powerful man to pleasure. The stereotype of course is fake plastic bitches who ask leading questions about income. Trust me, women like that are out there in the world too. There is also an insane amount of incredibly high achieving women who can bring home the bacon and cook it up too.

I see myself as a perfect example of this. Let this be an energetic notification to men everywhere that we want your personality, and your hard dick. The personality is what attracts us to you in the first place. You can be bald and have some extra weight around, but be fun. Tell women jokes, even when silly or lame. Make us giggle and laugh because that is pretty much our favorite thing. When I’m with a man who makes me forget its cold outside because I’m having so much fun, my pussy gets wetter than you could believe.

Nothing makes me want to get naked more than being with a man who shows true ambition. Coming from a woman with dreams so big nothing can contain them. A man with vision, while remaining kind will get my creamy panties off every time. There is just something so sexy about passion, wouldn’t you agree? I personally like to express my fondness of your passion with a taste of my own passion wrapped tightly around your big cock.

That strong dick knows what it wants when it’s in my mouth.

With my tongue curling laps around your big swollen head to deliver my message of what I want. I just want the real you so I can be the real me who desires showering you with affection. Just picture being that risk taking authentic man all women want and the rewards you’ll encounter. Be brave when you’re with me so I can toss my log hair around while performing a burlesque strip tease for you.

This Tall Beautiful Brunette wants a man who knows there is power in vulnerability. That completely inspires me to get nasty in the sack with you. Honesty brings out the animal in me who is always on the hunt. Let me tease and please you after you break down the walls of image and watch my ass bounce off your lap. The freak comes out to play when all the cards are on the table baby. So man up and let me see the real you inside so I can side you in the real me.

This juicy pussy could be all yours if you give me what I want.

Keep in mind this chick adores giving long drawn out sensual blow jobs too. If you want the full tight package then you better bring your wit and your drive because I want it all. Telling you how to touch yourself for me is a very enticing act. JOI and mutual masturbation can be a super fun way to hear the subtle changes in your breath pattern. Alerting this Tall Beautiful Brunette to what drives you wild so I can lean in on it and bring you to a boil. 

Over the years as a tough girl who grew into a powerful sex goddess I know my strengths. The tongue that haunts your dreams licking you until you break is among your favorites. I seriously get off knowing you will drop to your knees and give me anything I desire to keep me hitting all your spots. You need a woman like me to show you what’s possible when you play the game right. Sometimes a little incentive is in order me.

 If you are ever walking the dark streets of downtown LA, look up to the highest lit window. There you will find me putting on a show for my neighbors with my exhibitionism late-night habits. You never know when you can spontaneously create group sex sessions right there in my building. It’s happened more than once, just saying.