Talking dirty takes a magical turn when combined with tarot cards.

Talking dirty is one way I express myself. Another is by reading tarot cards. Upon request, I combine talking dirty with a tarot reading: an intimate and unique experience. Sheridan, the high priestess of fortune-telling, promises you a reading that will blow your mind. Of course, I can also blow other parts of your anatomy, wink wink.

I use a deck of erotic tarot cards called The Decameron.

The Decameron is a work of fiction written in the 14th century. It’s about a group of people who retreat to the country, to escape a pandemic. Sound familiar? In this case the pandemic is the Black Plague. In their country villa the characters have fun talking dirty and sharing randy sexual adventures. Though phone sex hotlines were still in the future, they get up to some pretty wild things!

What does The Decameron tarot deck look like?

This deck is perfect to use on a phone sex chat because all the images are erotic. For instance, the pentacle cards feature a slutty blonde woman with huge tits and her ass in the air. The wands are gigantic cocks that look like cavemen clubs. However, I especially love the swords which are decorated with a guy and gal fucking.

Never had your fortune told? Let your first time be while I’m talking dirty to you.

I’ll be happy to pop your tarot cherry. Here’s how it works. Call me, Sheridan, on our phone sex hotline. I will turn over three cards. The first one represents your past, the middle one your present, the third one your future. Then I interpret the meaning while talking dirty! If you get Ace of Swords, that means you have won an important fight in the past. Four of Wands in the middle? Well, your present is rosy and peaceful. But beware of the last card–the high priestess, a horny nun, which means you might find yourself trapped in a sexless relationship.

We can use the cards while talking dirty.

Not in the mood for a traditional fortune? No problem. During our call, I’ll turn over three cards and describe the pictures to you. For example: a young girl with perky tits and a dark bush is being fucked by a priest. A prince eats out the pussy of a whore, while peasants look on. A woman gets screwed in the ass by a guy in a wolf costume…these are just a few of the cards. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination! Talking dirty will be part of the call, too.

I will enhance your orgasm by talking dirty & reading your cards!

Yesterday I was talking dirty and things just went wild. Jim called and asked for a three-card spread. While I read the images on the cards, talking dirty all the while, his fantasy took shape. His wife is kidnapped and chained in a kennel. She turns into a rutting bitch for a pack of wild dogs. I used the cards to add detail to this role-play–and the effect was out of this world. Jim jerked off and came with, well, a howl. Your fantasy may not (or may) be this dark. However, the cards can always bring it to a new level.

Remember, I tell fortunes for fun and entertainment purposes only

Mistress Sheridan wants to predict your sexy future as she gives you the world’s best phone sex.  Tarot is my hobby, talking dirty is my passion! Call me any time you need a phone sex chat at 1-888-856-5921. When not telling fortunes I’m very busy exploring kinky incest role-play. The cards say I’m the busty cougar psychic of your dreams!