Sex in public places has a naughty allure. 

Sex in public places is an illegal activity.  So I get very excited at the thought.  I enjoy having sex in public places because it’s new and different. Personally, I don’t want the same old routine! I like to try a park or elevator to spice things up. And I especially love screwing somewhere in public with a sultry stranger.

Which public places are most popular for sex?

A garden, your car, by the ocean. A forest, if you can find one these days. Also popular are the movies, dressing rooms at the mall, and university libraries. There is always the community center swimming pool. If you don’t mind the chlorine…Sex in public places can also be done in a park, a museum, an empty office corridor. And of course we all know about the mile-high club. This brings me to my next question: where is the best public place you have ever made love?

Once I had passionate sex in an elevator, once in an office storage room!

Another time I gave my boyfriend a blowjob in the men’s room; it was a super-hot experience. We were at my place of work. I’m so often bored at work, so having sex there was a thrill. My boyfriend came to visit me just as the office was closing. He went into the men’s room and I tiptoed in after him. I ran into his stall, we fastened the door, and I jumped on the toilet. That way no one could see I was there! A co-worker came in and used the stall next to us, just as my mouth was filling up with my boyfriend’s hard cock. We knew at any moment we could be discovered! This fact made my boyfriend’s cum taste all the sweeter.

Dogging is British slang for having sex in public places, or watching people having sex.

Dogging is a big fad in the United Kingdom. The internet is driving this fad. A couple posts on the internet that they are going to be having sex in public places. In their car,  perhaps, on such and such a road, at such and such a time. Strangers then show up there, gather around their car and masturbate. It’s like porn, only live. There are also “dogging hot spots.” For instance, men meet at a public hot spot and shag each other in broad daylight. In spite of a lot of protests, dogging persists. Because the British repress their impulses dogging must be an irresistible release. 

How Common is Dogging in the USA?

I have always wanted to go to Burning Man. Couples often hook up at this festival to have sex in public places. Sometimes I think about heading to Hawaii’s Kalalau Beach, where hippies have been having sex in public place since the 60’s.  I also want to visit Telegraph Hill in San Francisco just above the Castro District. One day I will check out the winding roads of Griffith Park in Los Angeles; also, under the Williamsburg Bridge in New York City. 

Remember: Sex in Public Places Can Get You Arrested

I don’t care, if the cop is cute.  But, if you don’t want to get arrested tonight, try hot phone sex. Call Sheridan at 888-856-5921 for all your taboo phone sex needs. I can also predict if you’ll have sex in public places. I’ll read your tarot cards while talking dirty!