I like going out, having fun, finding a hot chick to lick or a nice fat cock to suck. I like to do that without even knowing their names.  On the other hand.  I am personable and I do enjoy normal conversation.   I like to know if you have a wife.  Makes me enjoy the fact that I can please you in ways that she can not.  I like to know that you get up at the crack of dawn to work hard like a real man should.   A man with who has a family and provides well for them is a huge turn on for me.  

I like a man who wants to use me as his fresh peice of meat…. But…. I love it when he wants to know about me.  I love it when he wants to share is personal life with me and vice versa.  You would think that I am the typical college co Ed right?

Well, here is a little bit about me that only a few of you know.  I grew up in a small town.  Backwoods country kind of girl.  I shoot guns, ride four wheelers, kick it in the sticks, and  I can sure as hell drink beer with the big boys better than they can.  I love me some bon fires and smashing old shitty cars out the feilds.  I bet you would never have guessed that.  Take the jeep and spend hours ramming that thing through the mud.  I like to light shit on fire and blow shit up to0. (Pun intended)

I am a rowdy girl, but at twenty three, I can still cook, bake, and clean way better than Suzy Miss. Homemaker!

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