“Fuck me! Fuck me Hard!” He shouted. I felt hot sweat beading down my brow as I felt my cock, throb deep inside his quivering rectum. So sweet and hot I pumped harder, deeper, feeling the edges of my cock rubbing against his colon. “YES! FUCK ME! GIVE ME THAT BIG COCK!” he called out again, gripping the rod iron head board. His fingers wrapped tight around the loops of the iron shaped like ivy. *BANG! *BANG! the head board creaked and slammed into the wall.

I grunted as I leaned forward, doubling my effort as I gripped his slender hips. He was strong and well toned, but his hips were almost as narrow as a woman’s. My breast heaved, and swung with the weight as I watched my thick nine inch cock submerge again and again inside his now swollen anus. “That it’s! Take it like a man!” I shouted back as I slapped his ass HARD. “You’re MY bitch! Do you hear me!” I screamed, panting. I heard a groan as he hissed back through the pulse of my cock relentlessly filling his tight anus. “Yes! YES! I am YOUR BITCH!”

I felt his body tremble under my grasp and his anus tighten around my cock. “GOD!” I felt my stomach tight and his balls lift up against my folds just under my cock. My thick salty cum exploded like a bullet deep inside his swollen tunnel as I felt it running along my shaft, and down his perfect ass. I marveled in my work and then a gasp brought me back to reality. I felt it, his orgasm shoot against the perfect white hotel sheets as his own cum ran rivers over the blanket. He screamed, then groaned, then panted heatedly before falling against the bed with me behind him tumbling against his broad shoulders. “mmm, very nice.” I exclaimed. “Maybe round two will be less… hasty.” I said with a toothy grin.

He laughed and I dove in. This time it was MY turn to be his bitch…

Mistress Amy's Tranny Confession