Taking Boy’s Virginity

It always makes me so much harder when I know it’s a guy’s first time. The anticipation, the look of fear in his eyes and mannerisms, how even as much as I try to reassure that “it won’t hurt”, I can still see those buttock muscles clenching, those knuckles going white as the nails dig deep into the sheet. That tiny muscle conjoining the perineum and the ball sack tightens, and I know it’s time to take his virginity.

I especially love it when a virgin asks me to “go slow”. Those words are to me like a red rag to a bull, but of course I don’t let him know that! So I start real nice, tracing the hard tip of my cock up and down the slit of his ass, all the way from the crack to the hole. I take the head and make hard, circular motions around the rim, dipping in a tiny bit, but not so much as to scare the little pussy.

Make sure I spit numerous times in and around his tight little puckered ass, lubricating it so I can start to slip my throbbing head inside.

There is always a little resistance, but I usually just let my 150lbs of weight press down at certain angles so I know he can’t wriggle away, and continue to push. My absolute favorite part of taking virginity is the POP. When I say pop, I mean the feeling I get when the tip of my penis finally breaks down the rectal muscle’s taughtness, and finally POPs inside, sucking my head in until I am just held by the ridge of my helmet. Just then is when I get my biggest urge to push, at that moment I feel like I want to destroy, just sink my stiff member in so hard I feel my balls pressing against their’s, can feel their body tighten and contract, and feel that delicious sphincter squeeze tight around the shaft of my prick.

That alone is usually enough for me to feel the surges of an orgasm growing inside my balls.

The tightness and the pure fact of knowing mine is the first cock to ever penetrate this sweet little virginal asshole. That, coupled with the fact that I am addicted to the noise a guy makes when his ass is stretched for the first time. It’s a strange, strangled yelping kind of gasp, and boy does it sound good to me!!!

So, I don’t ever “go easy”, “be gentle” or “treat you like it’s your first time”. Once I have that head inside, you’re pretty much at my mercy, and the more you struggle, just makes your ass that much tighter around my dick, keep struggling and it’ll make me cum inside you…You don’t want that now, do you?

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Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke