It’s A Taboo Turkey Day For me This Year!

The Holidays are upon us. YAY! I just love the holidays, I really get into the Holiday Spirit of things ( and Im not just talking about the wine and liquor cabinet ;P) I’ll be visiting with my family, and I’m really excited to see my big brother Johnny. It just may be a Taboo turkey day at the Angel household this year, after all.

Growing up, I always use to tease my brother, you know how annoying little sisters are. I was ruthless! I’d tie knots in his socks,always run his bitchy girlfriends off and always tell momma when I found porn in his room. I would aggravate him, and when I got a bit older, I would flirt with all his friends. He couldn’t stand it! Even when he started to see that some of his friends were really spending the night with him, just to hang out with me.

I flirted with his friends, even fucked some of them, but the taboo of it all…. I only ever really wanted Johnny’s attention. One night I heard him jerking off watching  porn, and I busted in his room. I told him if he didn’t do what I said, I’d tell momma everything. By everything, I meant about him sneaking out to go fuck his girlfriend, the jerk mags under his bed, and how alllllll those charges got on the cable bill. It’s amazing how a big brother will buckle at the threat of telling momma his deepest well kept secrets. That night, I got to see my brother fully nude. My taboo fantasy was coming true. He and I laid in his bed together touching and petting each other. Masturbating each other.  Before this experience, I had always thought taboo fantasies & taboo sex was always nasty, or it had to be something horrible. But this taboo fantasy wasn’t horrible, it was amazing. My teenage big brother and I, helping each other to feel so good and sometimes with Incest Phone Sex.

This Thanksgiving, I plan on cornering my brother, and maybe re living one of my yummiest taboo childhood memories.

I want to make him feel good like that all over again. I may be a bitchy little sister, but I can also be very persuasive, especially when it’s something I want.

While our momma is worrying over what with, and how she will stuff the turkey, I will be talking Johnny into stuffing me.

Mmm, Talk about being Thankful.

I’m thankful for Taboo sex, ALL of it! And Phone Sex!