Taboo Seduction Role Play: Can you guess what sweet young thing played along with me?

Ready for some intense Taboo Seduction Role Play? This is where my world gets a little twisted. I added a taboo twist to my day. Can you guess what sweet young thing played along with me? My own daughter of course. She’s at the high school age and until now she was innocent. Not anymore though. Mommy had to make sure she taught her how to be a big girl.  With the world in a state of dismay, I took over the sex education at home. Being the Slutty Cougar I am, I am more than qualified. Teach them the right way and they will always be there for you. I made sure of that.
A little family trip to a cabin by the lake is harmless, right? It all depends on what you define harmless as. From the moment we arrived, till dusk, families arrived at the lakeside resort. So many young ones and the parents were all our age. There were a few mature men lurking around the boat docks. Voyeurs are what they seemed to be. Of course, a few held a fishing rod to make it all look legit. Being a horny whore, I knew the truth. They all wanted to see the underage girls running around in their bikinis.
It wasn’t till I became friends with one of the men did I realize the real reason he liked me. He wanted help in seducing my teenage daughter. Should I allow him, or should I tell him to get the hell away from her? I think you may already know what I did.

Taboo Seduction Role Play is what Those Dirty Old Men Wanted

A lakeside BBQ planned for the next night would be the perfect place for a first time sexual experience to take place. Being the good mother I am, I helped my daughter pick out the perfect string bikini. She looks so good in pink, so I made sure to buy her a tiny pink bathing suit. Since we wanted to please the dirty old men, she wore her hair in ponytails. The moment we walked out of the house, erections popped up everywhere.
My little Lolita of a daughter caught on real quick to the attention of older men. Drinks, food, and even promises of gifts had her head swimming with wants. She might be young, but she is still a female. We picked the perfect one together. I suggested she speak to the older man who couldn’t take his eyes off her. Come to find out he owned the entire place and most of the town. Who better than a rich man? If he didn’t play nice we could always blackmail him. That’s why cell phones are perfect. XXX rated pictures and amateur porn will make him hand us over the key to the castle.

Taboo Seduction Role Play took my daughters virginity.

In a little cabin on the lake, my teenage daughter learned how to give a proper blowjob. Mommy was there to assist of course. Little did she know I had my hand out when she opened that little mouth. He paid me and came down her gulping throat. A good mother always makes sure that her kids give a proper amount of Vitamin D.
So, the very next night was the one that took all her innocence away. Mother and daughter took on two men, but all I did was use my fluffing skills to get them ready. Handjobs, prostate milking, and both of them were ready for some young pussy play. Stripping her down to nothing, the cameras came out for some pictures and memories. I needed something for her baby book. There are pictures of her birth, first steps, and now, the first time she got fucked.
What would you think about me if I told you I was the one to lick her sweet peach and get it juicy? They held her legs open and Mommy plunged her tongue in for some lesbian oral sex. She tasted so good that I hated to let them soil her. Money brought me around though. Both laid it out on the table, and I laid her on the bed. Mommy’s little girl scream and cried, but took that big white dick in her tiny holes. Do you want to know more? You’ll have to ask me in private for the dirty details……
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