When it Comes to Taboo Mommy Son Incest, One Should Never Say Never

I’ve heard rumors of how families have become “close”. Of taboo mommy son incest and family fun and yes, even some being bred in other families. Other families. Yes, my son and I are close, enjoying each other company often, but that’s just innocent. I haven’t really thought about it… much. I mean,  a taboo mommy son incest encounter would never happen between myself and my son, would it?  Of course not.  Guess that proves you should never say never.  But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me start from the beginning…

My Son and I were having our usual Saturday night dinner. Our schedules are hectic, and even though he’s still living under my roof (well, in the apartment in the back of the house), it’s easy to not cross paths. Our weekly dinner is our effort to make sure that never happens, making a conscious effort to try and connect at least once a week.

I should mention that we are very close. I had him when I was young, and it’s always been just the two of us. So, I’ve seen him through all his awkwardness of growing up. His crushes, his disappointments, and his journey into manhood.  And through all of that, he’s grown into a fine specimen of a man (and yeah, I’ll admit it – he’s one handsome guy).

That goes for him as well – he’s seen me at both my best and my rock bottom. Including some unsavory relationships with some douchebags and all-around jerks. So, through all of our “growing pains”, we’ve been there for each other. We became very close as we leaned on each other, consoling when needed, and celebrating our successes. And yeah, through it all there might have been an undercurrent of flirtation going on – that’s harmless, right? Riiiiiggghhht.

I should have seen the signs of our mutual taboo mommy son incest desire in the making – hindsight is always 20/20 though


You have to understand, he’s always given me shoulder rubs and back massages. And I never turn down a foot rub. And no, I have no qualms about going to the bathroom while he’s in the shower. Or if he’s in his bedroom, just walking in without knocking. It’s not like I’ve rushed to cover myself up when walking around the house – I’ve dubbed my home a “no bra zone”, and me traipsing around in just a nightie or tee shirt and panties is the norm.

Ok, so back to our weekly dinner. I thought nothing of opening another bottle of wine after the dishes were done (we already polished off one with dinner).  And when he pulled my feet into his lap to rub my feet and calves, again par for the course. As he started to knead and rub every ounce of soreness from my aching feet, a moan escaped from my lips – I spied a wicked smile curve from the edges of his mouth.

And nope, no erotic thoughts about what incest with my son would be like (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it, lol).


But when his hands started traveling a bit more north than ever had before, I took notice… it felt soo very good.  He couldn’t be having some incestuous thoughts himself, could he?  Naaah.  But then he leaned over me, his hand traveling up to my breasts and my hard, puckered nipples. I felt his hard cock cradled in my hips, grinding on my now sopping wet pussy. And then I felt his lips leaving a path of hungry kisses up my neck and to my ear.

There he whispered in an almost growl, “I’ve wanted you for so very long. I won’t be denied any longer.”

I guess he was indeed looking to gain some incestuous sexual experience.


What could I say? Our taboo mommy son incest needs would not be denied any longer.


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