You Never Thought Your First Time Would Have Been an Incestuous Sexual Experience – Just Goes to Show You Should Never Say Never

Your mom has witnessed all your firsts – your first step. Your first word. Even the first time you were able to ride a two-wheeler by yourself. And what do these all have in common? Your mom taught you all those things. So why would it surprise you that your mom would be there to guide you during your first time? Transforming your first sexual experience into your first incestuous sexual experience? Why indeed.

It started out innocently enough. You were going to just ask if you could have a snack, but just as you were about to push on the door that was left ajar, you decide to peek in first instead.  With the door open a few inches, you could clearly see mommy standing there, her back to you, as she unzipped her dress.  You saw her pink panties, and her pink garter belt.  As she slid her dress off her shoulders it puddled around her feet. Then she stepped out of it and walked over to her vanity.

The sight of her sitting there, brushing out her hair had an unexpected effect on you.  You felt the, as of late, familiar swelling in your pants as you couldn’t seem to tear your eyes away.  That’s when you felt the blood rush to your face – leaving you flushed.

You also felt that undeniable sensation when your blood rushed to another part of your anatomy. That sensation filled your head with thoughts you thought were not possible, at least not about your mom.  Certainly not mommy phone sex. It still didn’t occur to you that your first time was unfolding right before your eyes. And it would be an incestuous sexual experience to boot.

But your cock seemed to already know and was approving of this incestuous sexual experience

You don’t know why, but you found your hand reaching down and touching what your mommy embarrassingly still calls “Mr. Winky.”  He approved of the attention you gave it and seemed to demand more. And even more, as it throbbed and pulsated with a mind and need of its own.

You’re lost in your own rhythms, as you don’t notice that your mom had caught the image of you in the mirror in front of her. An image of you touching yourself uncontrollably yet a bit awkwardly, revealing the instinct to stroke, but lacking in the execution to truly satisfy.

She simply continued to brush her hair as she quietly but firmly commanded you to come in.   Her soft order disrupts you and your activity, as the flush on your face is renewed.  She didn’t try to cover herself up but simply smiled when she turned around to look at you.

With her hands crossed in front and resting them on her knees, she said, “You enjoy what you see” – it was a statement, not a question.

You tried to feint ignorance. But your mom, the one that had not only witnessed but had been a part of all your firsts, knew you all too well.  It seemed only fitting that she would be part of your first time, transforming it into an incestuous sexual experience as well.

With a wave of her hand and a soft chuckle, she stood up, took your hand in hers, and led you to her bed.  Your heart was racing; your eyes lingered on your mommy’s panties, her bra, her garter belt, and her silky stockings. That’s when she laid her hand on your cock. And continued where you had left off.

“It’s all right dear, I know all about such things…let me teach you. I’ll show you how good your first incestuous sexual experience can truly be.”

With that, her hand slid over your hardened cock. First, just a slight touch, grazing her fingernails over the pulsating flesh, exploring. And the first lesson in your homeschooled sex ed, as well as many incestuous sex experiences, had begun.



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