How My Son and I Started Our Taboo Incestuous Relationship

Apparently, my son had been thinking about fucking me for quite a long time. At least that’s what he confessed to me post-coitus.  Both of our bodies glistened with the afterglow of us consummating our taboo incestuous relationship, the scent of sex heavy in the air. Looking at him with both love and lust in my eyes, I can’t imagine never having him in my bed again. Before today, I never really gave true thought to the taboo, the forbidden fruit. But here I am, starring in a real live incest sex story with my son. But I digress – let me back up a bit.

Now, I know that boys sometimes have taboo fantasies involving mom and son getting down and dirty, fucking and sucking. Be it like two primal animals rutting, or a more loving, sharing experience, it doesn’t matter – both having the same simple commonalities: mom and son together in the biblical sense.

Just a bit of background: my son and I have always been close – he’s my baby and he will always be my baby, no matter how big or how old he gets.  We chat and share what’s going on in each other’s lives; enjoying movie nights together with a big bowl of popcorn as we share a blanket and snuggle down together. And we have a time-honored tradition of keeping each other company during late-night thunderstorms.

So, when a fierce thunderstorm broke out at three in the morning, it didn’t surprise me to find him tapping at my bedroom door, him peeking in to see if I was awake. His chest was bare and his pajama bottom was slung low on his hips. Did I feel a strange ping of … pride? Admiration?

Never Did I Think These Feelings Would Lead to a Taboo Incestuous Relationship

I convinced myself it had to be one of those other platonic feelings as I shook off a vague feeling of arousal. Pleased with how my son had grown up, strictly the pride a mother has in her son.

It couldn’t possibly be a taboo desire and incestuous lust for my own son that had suddenly stirred my juices, dampening my panties. Though I had to admit, he was handsome with his hair tousled, his bare torso lean, and sporting not just a six-pack, but an eight-pack.

I gave my head a mild shake to bring me back to the here and now. Without even giving it a thought, I pulled the covers back in an invitation for him to hop in and join me – and just like when he was two years old he didn’t hesitate, but gave me a big roguish smile and sprinted into bed next to me.

I wrapped my son up in my arms like I always have, pressing him to my bosom. He pressed his nose between my breasts, and with a low moan, he shifted his head to the side, nuzzling my breast through the thin cloth of my nightie.

I think that was when I admitted to myself to have more than just a passing twinge of a taboo incestuous relationship brewing.

Then his hands were wrapping around me, turning me to my side, pulling me tight against his hard body. The raging thunderstorm that drew us together went mute as I suddenly became very aware that my little boy was more man and less boy. His hands started to roam, touching me in a very non-mom and son sort of way. He was caressing, searching, his lips tasting my skin, finding my pulse point, and suckling.

I gently “protested” – he was my son after all. He kept murmuring about just a few more minutes, promising not to go further than I wanted. He kept repeating how much he’s wanted this for so long – wanted to touch me like this, to feel my soft skin under him. It was almost a montage of pleas and needs expressed, of pent-up desires and a deeply felt ache.

I Never Realized He Dreamt of Us in A Taboo Incestuous Relationship

I was actually in awe at the depth of his heartfelt desires. This wasn’t some horny, taboo itch that needed to be scratched. Well, not the only thing at least. This was more. How could it not? I was his mother. The woman who has always been there, through all the tears and laughter and awkward moments. I was the very first woman that he was exposed to. And he was my son. My. Son.

My son apparently knew his way around a woman’s body. A sharp pang of jealousy pierced me – Where’d he learn all this skill? Who else has sampled his skill, ingenuity, his creativity, and his imagination? I suddenly wanted to gouge out the eyes of some anonymous bitch for being with what is mine.

Then his hand found its way under my nightie, and all random thoughts went out the window as he cupped my heavy breast in the palm of his hand. Lightning and desire shot straight to my wet pussy and nothing else mattered, and I didn’t care if it was taboo. In fact, I didn’t care if I was partaking of the forbidden fruit. Incestuous or not, I needed to feel my son’s cock buried deep inside me… NOW.

Oh yes, our budding taboo incestuous relationship was spiraling hot and fast

All of a sudden there were no second thoughts. No apprehension, or questioning of what was happening or what was going to happen between mom and son. Thinking that this taboo temptation was wrong just didn’t enter the picture at this part of the program. We were both all in and nothing was going to stop our raging appetites for each other.

As I stated at the very beginning, the deed was done and there were no regrets about spoiling our post-coitus glow. In fact, this was a new era for our relationship: from a close albeit innocent mom and son-relationship to a very hot, down-and-dirty taboo relationship.

I know what you’re all swearing about right now – what happened? Did he eat my pretty little pussy out? Did I lick his cock like a lolly? Or did he thrust his straining shaft down my throat and make me gag? Did he fuck me hard? Slow? Did he claim my ass and me at the same time?


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