What Once was Just a little Innocent Mommy and Son Time, Turns into a Very Taboo Fantasy Turned Reality

You see Mommy pulling out the apron. You know what’s going to happen.  She’s going to be getting busy in the kitchen, and bake something scrumptious. And that also means it’s time for a little special family time.  Little did you know that the two of you were going to cross the line from a taboo fantasy into a very real, very incestuous reality.

The kitchen activities start like normal as you watch as she goes through her routine.  This is how it’s always been for as long as you can remember.  She smiles at you and asks you to be Mommy’s little helper.  You return her smile, eager to be just that for her.

As your taboo mommy turns on the radio, the kitchen fills with soft sultry music. Her hips sway to the music, humming to whatever tune is playing at present.  Then she starts with her little strip tease – you’re waiting for it, for you know she doesn’t like to get her clothes dirty or stained.

She places the apron over the back of the chair, then starts to unzip her skirt, letting it puddle to the floor where she steps out of it. Next is her blouse. Her fingers undo each button carefully, from top to bottom, allowing the soft silky material to slide from her shoulders.

Mommy bends over to retrieve her skirt, giving you an unbridled view of the soft roundness of her ass cheeks. Your thoughts turn to a taboo fantasy


Then, swapping the skirt and blouse for the apron, she ties it around the small of her waist, exposing her full breasts to you, her scant lace bra the only barrier between you and them. Her little strip tease has never invoked any sort of taboo feelings before. But this time… this time things are different. Mommy phone sex thoughts now plague your mind.

As the excursion in the kitchen progresses, the dance continues as well.  When you were just a little boy, it was fun to dance with your Mommy, being twirled around and around.  But now, as you are growing into quite the young man, the dance stirs other feelings, primal in basis, a prequel to a whole other type of dance.

Unable to contain the incestuous urges any longer, you walk up behind her, pressing your swollen cock against her round curves as you reach around her waist, holding her against you…


Something so wrong has never felt so right, as you start to truly have some very special and incestuous Mommy and Son time in the Kitchen.

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