Our Taboo Mommy and Son Relationship Was Going to a Whole New Level

With the warmer weather setting in, quite a few of my friends have been having outdoor parties and barbeques. This past weekend we did the “rounds”, hitting quite a few of them. We love them all, but they can be a bit much to take sometimes. Especially when all those girls are dressed in those skimpy tops and short-shorts and such.  And all those men? Hardbodies that smell yummy, with cocks bulging in their pants and shorts, just begging for a woman’s “special” touch. Not to mention a smorgasbord of sexual fantasies. In essence, everything a Taboo Mommy and son could wish for.

With each party and gathering, my son was getting hornier and hornier. He would whisper to me his little would-be incestuous sexual experience. Of how he wanted me, and how he wanted to fuck me right here, right now. I have to admit; his needy begging was so cute… at first. Then it turned into an annoying buzz in my ear. I realize that my boy was in dire straits, needing the relief that our special time brought not just to him, but to me as well. But he needed to learn patience. Like a puppy. And that thought to the most deliciously, if not sadistic ideas to mind.

On the drive home, I soothed my boy’s hard, throbbing cock. First with my hand on the outside of his pants. Then with my hand inside, flesh on flesh. And just as he was close to cumming in my hand, I pulled away and left him whimpering and begging for me to finish. I simply told him that we would continue our special taboo mommy and son time when we got home.

As I turned into the garage and turned off the car, I looked at him and gave him the sweetest yet wicked smile.


“Come on boy! Come inside with Mommy. Be Mommy’s good boy and follow Mommy inside.”

The tone was one that was akin to a master commanding her puppy dog.  And it wasn’t lost on my horny little “puppy”. He knew what was going to happen next. With his blue balls taking over of his higher functions, He followed me inside. There, he fell into our oh-so-familiar “puppy play” and dropped to all fours. Panting and sniffing, his tongue started at my feet, and traveled up my leg, burying his snout against my wet panties and ass.

He knew that if he wanted relief during our incestuous time, he would be all about being the faithful little puppy. The good thing about being Mommy’s “puppy”? He got to make her his bitch, mounting her from behind and fucking her like a couple of animals.


So tell me, does the idea of having some special taboo mommy time make your cock hard and throb uncontrollably? Surely you have to agree that incest phone sex is the best thing ever! With an intense, taboo phone sex session, I could make you my little puppy, and by the same token, you make me your bitch, teeheehee!


Your Taboo Mommy & Free Sex Story Guru,


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke