Taboo family sex – fantasy or confession

What is it you really want to know? Which taboo family sex fantasy has you beating your cock so hard this second? Are you thinking about the two little teen sisters exploring their bodies together? You picture them licking each other’s bare teen cunts just before scissoring each other. Their  tight teen bodies laid back on the bed with their legs spread and their hairless wet cunts touching each other. They rub their pussy’s together and grind into each other. Yeah that’s hot but you’ve moved beyond that now. Wait, it’s the brother sister thing, right? Brother is sort of been stalking older sister. He watches her in the shower and watches her undress every night. Brother jerks off while watching sister until the night he grows some balls and makes his move.

Just because she is asleep on the bed doesn’t mean she is off limits. He sneaks into the room and while he watches he is stroking. Her brother grabs her hand and puts it on his dick using her hand to jerk himself off. Her soft hand wrapped around his dick sliding against his shaft entices him to want more. The sister doesn’t move and her brother rubs his cock against her lips. She breathes out and the warm hot air gives his cock a tingle. He wants more, he has to feel all of his her. She is wearing a shirt and panties, sleeping on her belly, he gently lifts the shirt over her ass. Gently, he tugs the panties down but he’s so careful not to wake her. He rubs his cock all over ass cheeks and down her ass crack.

Family sex secrets

She does a roll and lays onto her back but never wakes up. Her brother raises her shirt over her tits. Using his cock he rubs her nipples and slowly dragging his cock down to her pussy. Slowly and carefully he makes his way onto the bed, between her legs. But this time when hos cock touches her body it will be between her legs and he’ll rub it against her pussy. Occasionally, she’ll move or sigh but she never wakes sees her brother molesting her in her sleep. He’s throbbing now and there is no turning back. It;s now or never and he chooses now. Gently he inches his cock inside his sister tight teen pussy. He thrust one inch at a time until his cock is buried deep inside. The brother fucks his passed out sister until leaving her pussy filled with his cum.

He slides back on her panties and leaves as if nothing has happened. How’s that taboo family sex fantasy making your cock feel? What if I told you after the brother left her phone alarm wakes her and she sneaks out of her room into the guest room. Daddy is sitting on the bed waiting. She climbs into the bed and crawl under the covers. Daddy’s cock slips between her lips and into her throat. After fuck her face daddy lays her down and licks her pussy. Daddy slides his tongue deep into her creamy wet pussy. She cums and afterwards daddy puts it inside her cunt. For the second time in one night she gets a load buried inside her.

Fantasy or confession

But is it all just a fantasy or is it really a taboo family sex confession? Sure I could of lied to tease you with your deepest taboo family sex fantasy but what if it’s really my confession? After all could you really put it past me to be so dirty? I was and always have been a wild child with insatiable craving for kinky sex. Incest was always something that got me excited and I did grow up with plenty of options. I had six brothers and a few sisters, literally I had options. Anything possible when you meet a girl like me. SO whose to say this entire story isn’t one huge confession and peek into my wild teen life.

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