Fuck me In the driver’s seat

Most of you know what gets me going incest of all types, women. But I’m also into public sex of all types as well and I just love being in the driver’s seat. I love the feeling of the control and power of having men and women at my fingertips. My last public sex encounter was just yesterday. We went for a drive such a pretty day, it was warm I felt no need for clothes with the warm day. So we pulled into this parking lot at the gas station on the highway. I took my pants off and climb onto my lover. Grinding up against him just torturing him for a bit. Sliding my hands on the outside of his pants stroking my hand against his cock.

I then took his cock placed it in my mouth sucked on it licking it getting it dripping wet with my mouth. Stroking it more as I sucked the tip. I flicked my tongue across the tip of his cock and watch him grab the seats of the car from the pleasure. I then climbed on top of him back facing him and placed my hands on the steering wheel while he slid his cock inside my tight and now wet pussy. He places his hands on my hips and thrust inside me hard and deep I use the steering wheel to help lift myself up and down on his cock. He smacks my ass and it feels so good.

Give it to me baby

He then put me across the front seat placing me on my hands and knees gets behind me slams into my pussy. Then pulls out and licks my pussy sliding his tongue from my pussy to my asshole licking it teasing me. He slides his cock back in and stick his finger into my ass as he pounds my pussy. I feel his finger sliding in and out of my ass along with his cock I began moaning loudly as does he. As I get close to cumming I slam into him pushing his cock and finger deeper inside me. I want more I want it harder and deeper faster and faster. Do you have what I’m looking for? Call me and we will find out. You have a public sex fetish or fantasy? Call me let me fuck you In the driver’s seat. Toy with me all night.