Toy with me all night long

I want to play. I want to play rough cum toy with me. Make me your cum slut. Slide your hands all over my body, slide them up my shirt and play with my perky breast. Slide those hands down my hips, down my ass to my long beautiful legs. Feel how smooth they are and finally move them in between my thighs and lightly touch my pussy. Start by lightly rubbing my clit and pussy lips with the tip of your finger and slowly get faster. I want to feel more. Grab my toy and rub it all over my clit, just toy and tease my tight pussy. Make me beg for you.

Let me sit on your face and ride your tongue while I suck that thick cock. I want to taste you while you toy with me. While I ride your face and suck your cock slide my toy in my ass and tease me more but don’t let me cum just yet just keep on toying with me. Lick my ass, toy my ass, before you slide your cock anywhere in me I want the tease and the torture. Let me ride your cock, let me slide it into my tight wet pussy and slam down onto it, while you slide my toy in my ass and spank me. I want you to slide that toy in and out of my ass then slam it in and out of my ass. I will beg and plead for more with each slam.

Fuck me baby

So take that toy out of my ass and slide your cock right in there and slam me some more. I want you to bend me over on my hands and knees get behind me, slap your cock against my asshole and then insert it gently at first in my tight ass. Grab my hips and thrust hard and deep I want to feel all over you in my ass. Grab my other toy and place it in my pussy fuck both my holes hard and deep. make my moans loud make me beg to cum all over your cock then I want to spray that load all over me face, breast pussy and ass completely covered in your cum. Got what it takes to toy with me? Call me toy with me baby, lets make each other cum like never before.

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Kelsey (1099)