A snow day is a great time to slip away to share your taboo confession. Ready to sneak away for some naughty masturbation phone sex? Today is the day you take care of ALL your naughty needs. It’s true what they say about all work and no play! I’m anything but dull. Come tell me ALL your secrets and taboo confession needs.

One secret about me is I enjoy spontaneous sex.  Sex anywhere and everywhere. Just the other day while I was shopping, the sudden urge to have sex with a total stranger crept over my body.  I strolled into the men’s department at Lord and Taylor.  Money and men! Major meow for a woman on a mission.  There he was glancing at the silk ties.  I couldn’t help myself. as I strolled up to him.  I said ‘I can think of a few naughty things to do with this red silk tie.”  (Wicked LiL Grin)  It wasn’t long before the stranger and I found ourselves undressed in the dressing room.

Without hesitation, our clothes dropped to the floor.  I slid my naked body up against him, as I pulled him toward me with the red silk tie.  It looked good around his neck, as my red lips looked good wrapped around his throbbing cock. I wanted every inch of him. My warm wet tongue slid down the length of his body.  Slowly I wrapped the silk tie around his cock, as my tongue flickered over the head of his cock.  My beautiful red nails caressed his balls, as I engulfed his every inch of his throbbing cock deep into my mouth.  Let me tell you what came next….

Do you have a naughty taboo confession you would like to share with me?  Let’s explore all your taboo fetishes and fantasies.  Let’s explore our secret stories and naughty needs.  Are you hot and horny right now? Need to sneak away and rub one out. It’s time to call me.  I’d love to fill you in on the naughty details of the rest of my afternoon.

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