Hot taboo blackmail stories

Let’s recap, it started out with just two bisexual girls and my brother having fun. But later turns into one of those taboo blackmail stories.  My brother stacks me and Erica on top of each other. We are making out as he is thrusting his cock inside my tight teen friend. She is squirming on top of me. Her moans getting louder then they stop. I can’t exactly see what he is doing since Erica is on top of me. But I feel something rub up and down my slit. It’s hard and I know it’s not his tongue since I can see his face. Then I feel the pressure of his cock head entering inside me. He thrust inside me and pumps his cock in and out of me. I can’t believe how amazing he feels. My brother pulls back out of me and back inside Erica.

He takes turns thrusting into both of us. I can’t believe I’m fucking my brother! But damn he is so good. Erica smiles at me and gives me a look like, watch this. She rolls off me and pulls my brother down to the bed. We get between his legs and start sucking his cock. It’s his turn to squirm! We share his cock, licking up the sides, and even sucking his balls. Then she climbs on top of him and rides him while I lick him as he is pulling out of her. I see her cum all over his cock and I lick up as much of it as I can. She taste so good and so does he. Erica tells me to climb on top of my brother’s face and ride him. I do as she requested and he makes me cum all over his face.

Just when you think it’s over

My brother is ready to burst so we get between his legs and shoots his cum on our faces. Me and Erica make out and kiss swapping his cum around in each other’s mouth. Erica and I part ways with my brother and go shower. What I didn’t know was my brother’s friend was over and saw the whole thing. He got a little jealous of the hot sex my brother got and this is how it turns into one of those taboo blackmail stories. After the shower, David pulls me aside and confronts me. I try to deny it just in case he saw nothing. Then I continued to deny it just to see if I could convince him he saw nothing. Nothing worked, he had to have seen everything. He threatened to tell my parents and Erica’s.

Erica’s parents would never let her come back over and my family would send me away to some boarding school. I had no choice but to do whatever David was wanting. When I asked what he wanted he said, what my brother got. I told Erica but she refused because she wasn’t into David. Then I told David that Erica said no which only made him mad. He said if she wouldn’t do it willingly then WE had to force her. I told him I wouldn’t be apart of this scheme but he was forcing me too! The plan was to catch her off guard and then I had to hold her down.

From bisexual girl to accomplice

I got her to stay over another night and David stayed over too. Then I told a white lie about my brother sneaking in later for round two. Erica fell asleep waiting but that made the plan easier. I got on top of her blocking her from seeing it was David and not my brother. David thrust his dick inside her while we made out. Then he slipped his cock inside me switching back and forth between us. If she had never seen him then this would of worked but she saw him. Erica went to scream but I covered her mouth then gagged her with panties. I forced her down and held her still while David finished. Although I tried explaining David forced me to do it. As wrong as it is isn’t this one of the hottest taboo blackmail stories ever?!

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