Bisexual Girls Part 2

She was all I could think about over the next few days. All I thought about was her, what we did to each other and how much I liked it. But was it a bi curious thing or was I one of those bisexual girls? The only way I’d know for sure is to do it again but again wouldn’t happen for another week. The next time I saw Erica was when her sister asked me to help her with a homework assignment. It had been a week or so since I had seen her and I was beginning to think she was over it. Sitting in my room, alone and studying, her hand lands right above my knee. I ignore it and go back to tutoring her. Then I feel her hand start to slide up my thigh. Obviously, homework is now the last thing on my mind.

Her hand is now between my thighs on the outside of my panties. I start breathing hard from the excitement of where this is going. Erica moves my panties to the side and her finger rubs against my slit. Just before she thrust her fingers in I grab her and shove her down on the bed. We are kissing while stripping each other bare. Her tongue slides into my mouth and my tongue slides into hers. We are both topless, and I am straddling her. I kiss her mouth, neck and work my lips down. Her small perky tits are so perfect, I grab them gently and suck each one of her nipples slowly. There is sucking, licking, and some light nibbling. She squirms underneath me while I lick and kiss her body. Then I gently peel her panties down and toss them to the floor.

Her young pussy is sweet

I lick up and down her slit. Then I gently spread her young teen pussy lips and lick all inside. Gently I push one finger inside her while licking her clit. She squirms and moans. I can feel her wetness. Her legs grip around my head and she grinds her cunt against my face. After a minute or so my face is soaked while she lets out a loud moan. When I finished she rolled me over and stripped me of my panties. Her tongue slides inside me pussy, she wiggles it in and out of me. I’m grabbing at the sheets and the pillows on the bed because her tongue feels so good. We were just two bisexual girls lost in each other, literally. But then there is subtle noise that catches our attention. It was brother! You remember, right? The one she had the big crush on.

He’s standing at my door way, mouth open and bulge sticking out of his pants. I grab the pillows to cover myself, after all he is my brother. Erica is all smiles like she is happy he walked in on us. She is walks over to him naked, takes his hand and brings him over to the bed. Without saying a word, she kisses him and grabs his bulge. I watch them make out and I’m so confused on why we haven’t kicked him out. Then she tells me my brother is a good kisser and pulls me towards him. At first me and my brother refused but then our lips touched and we kissed. Then we kissed again, and then I removed the pillows I was using to hide my naked body. He touched and groped us both while kissing us.

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My brother stacked Erica and I on top of each other. He licked her cunt then he licked mine while she and I made out. Then her moans start getting louder. She thrusting back but I’m on the bottom so I can’t see exactly what he’s doing. Then I feel something rub against my slit. It’s not his tongue because I can see his face. This extremely hard and much bigger. He thrust inside me and starts fucking me. It feels better than his tongue. He pulls out and thrust back inside her. After awhile of fucking us we shove him down and use our mouths on him. It’s his turn to squirm now. Are you into bisexual girls? Then call my phone sex line and let the real fun begin. Need a reminder of how these young bisexual teens got together? Read all about it!