Young Bisexual Teens Experiment On Each Other

How do you know if your bisexual if you haven’t even tried to explore it? You have to try it before you can knock it. Most Young Bisexual teens experiment very early in their teen years and some before their teen years. I tried it a few times before realizing I love sex with women. As you know I love blogging and story telling but here is a true story. It started with girls from school. I noticed them early on in age and did a lot of looking. And looking was all it was at first. Their ass, or small perky tits, would catch my eye and from that moment I would look every chance I got. Heather was the girl I would often day dream about in class.

She leaned down to get something out of her book bag one day and I saw a little bit down her shirt. I wanted so bad to see Heather topless because her tits were so juicy looking. Then there was gym which was my favorite part of the day. We would go into the locker room and get dressed and there you get to see more. I was always the last getting dressed because I was distracted by the half naked girls around me. Then there is the shorts they would wear during gym which was another distraction for me. Some girls short were super short while others would wear yoga pants. Yoga pants were hot too because they formed a perfect fit around the girls curves. It wasn’t just at school, I would sometimes hold sleepovers but I was too afraid to make any moves.

My first girl kiss

My first girl on girl experience was with Erica. She was about year or so younger and was my best friends sister. Erica had a crush on my brother and only stayed the night with me to get closer to him. I’m pretty close to my brother so she knew she had to suck up to me to get to him. We have to do something big to get his attention. Erica suggested we play truth or dare. My brother and his friends were shooting hoops in the yard while Erica and I played off to the side. She dared herself to kiss me at the exact moment he looked in our direction. I didn’t notice if he saw us. After the kiss I saw Erica a little different. She was actually pretty cute, with short brown hair, and a bubble butt.

Her tits weren’t big and juicy like Heather but instead were small perky. After the first kiss, we kissed again just to be sure he saw us. Then there was a third kiss which she pushed her tongue inside my mouth. I have kissed before, this isn’t my first but it was my first girl kiss. Truth or dare is usually an excuse for young bisexual teens to start experimenting. Later that night we took a shower together because we just knew guys like girls dripping wet in a towel. This is the first time I saw Erica naked. Her ass was amazing, and her pussy was bare. After the shower we did other cute girly stuff in hopes my brother was watching. But later when we laid in bed, together, it wouldn’t be about him anymore.

My first time

We were laying in bed, it was dark and quiet. I felt her fingers lightly rubbing my fingers. Erica then rolls over onto her side facing me. She moves her hand to my hip and then kisses me again. A second kiss follows and this one is long and her tongue slides into my mouth. Our tongues rubs against each other as she climbs on top of me. Her fingers slide into my panties and then she shoves them inside me. I open my legs and spread them so she can get them all the way inside me. She throws my shirt on the floor and kisses down my body. I feel her tongue squirming inside me and I’m getting so wet. And it was there I learned how much I love oral sex. Want to talk more about young bisexual teens?

I love to talk about bisexual experiences this isn’t all my story either there is plenty more to tell! Let’s get together and share our stories. Don’t be afraid I don’t judge. Can’t get enough of my stories? I got all the stories you can handle. Read all about tongue fucking or just call my teen phone sex hotline.