SyFy Sex Across Dimensions With My Shadow Person

Fulfilling my SyFy fetish for sex across dimensions has finally come true. I love you Dave, for you are one of the Shadow People from the desert.  You know the ones that appear when the pyramids have aligned with the equator, and the gods have returned.  We normally cannot see across time and space with our naked eye, but the pulsar star has the same frequency as a 5G tower, and our need for technology is causing the Earth’s axis to shift making you more visible. Dave you know you are a phenomenal guy. You can transmute, teleport, and transport across dimensions, time, and space.

We used to think you were a ghost or maybe even some unknown spirit.  Spirits don’t exist in that fashion, for it is illegal, and that is why Lucifer had to take on the serpent as a host.  I know you are a being from another dimension, and we were created in your likeness.  You shape shift and reconfigure yourself all of the time.  That is why there are so many tales of angels, Nephilim, aliens and the such.  You exist outside of space and time, that is how we have sex across dimensions.  

You decided to take human form for a while and be a regular guy named Dave.  I love you for it.  You are one of my favorite customers because as I sit on my exercise ball or in my egg chair and chat with my other clients, you touch and tease me.  They assume it was them that made me scream so genuinely, but it was not.  


Dave, you fulfill my SyFy fetish with sex across dimensions and make me hate how you tease me and never make a cream pie with me.  I reckon you must preserve your life force and never bust a nut.  Instead, you tap into that kundalini and cipher that energy back into your chakras for more creative works. You know, how you move about like Hermes from realm to realm and world to world carrying little messages to and fro.  

The one thing I wish you would do is to make me your sex slave so that we could have more sex across dimensions.  My only desire is to serve you as my master, but then you wouldn’t love me anymore and find me to be pathetic.  You love me for all of my quirks and to submit as so, would strip me of my courage, and the fact that I don’t break easily.  So, you spend much time torturing those religious fanatics.  You really have those girls thinking the devil or an angel came to fuck them in their sleep.  

They try to exorcise demons, to no avail. 

They throw holy water on you, roll rosaries in their hands, fast and pray, lay down brick dust, and cleanse their homes in blue sage, but you come anyway.  You come to those that need to let out their sexual repressions, and who is more oppressed by their own sexuality than a wanna be Saint!  Their repressed desires call to you for sex across dimensions and worlds unbeknown to them. 

They ate garlic, thyme, sage, rosemary, marjoram, and more on a regular basis.  All that is for is a parasite.  You’re not a baby nor a tapeworm.  That simply won’t do.  So, they kept cloves in her mouths and rubbed mint leaves across their bodies as to anointed themselves with holy oil.  Yet, and still, that did nothing to lessen the call for you.  It just makes their skin more lush and supple.  Eating papaya, and pineapples like a crazy person, to ensure that no parasitic demon would bother them.  Again, that did nothing but increase oxytocin levels making their bodies uninhabitable for a fetus to plant itself.  No matter what ritual, or spell she cast, you are outside of these foolish constraints.  

How could she resist an orgasm?

Taunt and tease her, but never deny her victory.  Travel across space and time for a bit of sex across dimensions to see how she twists and turns, with resistance at first, but gives in like an erupting volcano and you vanish into another dimension to answer the call of that which has dreamed of you.  As she lays in bed each night, she dreams of you.  Very vividly she sees all of your sexual encounters.  The Oracle prepares herself for you. Clean sheets, and prepped to have the honor of your ethereal cock.  Oh to your delight her skin glowed and sparkled in the moonlight.  She smelt just like candy.  So you licked her and suckled on her until she was gobbled all up.  Never once, did you miss a beat as you fucked her tender soft buns into ecstasy, and as your reward, your balls dropped and a second male principle sprung forth.  

You are what you eat, and you dined on the best.  Your new cock is so girthy and full of veins that maps out the path to heaven on it.  All along, Ms. Candy’s roommate watched in awe. You DP’d her, and she blew a river of cum down your shaft.  When her cup spilled over to the ground we could visibly see her Harrah and knew she was the one.

Come back next week for Part II.  Play a bit of SyFy/fantasy roleplay and get your thrills on the fantasy phone sex hotline that rocks your socks off the best.  After all, how perverse are nursery rhymes, riddles, tall tales and fairy tales? 


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke