My Usually Very Submissive Boyfriend Had A Surprise For Me

I don’t know what got into my boyfriend last week. He’s always been content to let me take the lead sexually and I like that, he’s always quite submissive. It’s just his nature. He just shocked the hell out of me by doing a Fifty Shades of Grey night where he was all of a sudden the dominant one. As soon as I walked in from work, he had a beautiful dinner ready. And then he told me to go into the bedroom and he had some new lingerie laid out for me. And there was also a flogger, handcuffs, blindfold, well of course I assumed I’d be using them on him. But apparently not.

Handcuffed and Blindfolded

He said he wanted to try something different. And would I be willing to be the submissive partner for the evening? I was glad for the change. It’s nice to mix things up a bit, so he did indeed switch things up. I was told to lay on the bed once I’d gotten my new lingerie on. He handcuffed me to the bed and then blindfolded me. I was feeling very aroused as well as submissive. He’d never behaved like this before and I had to admit I liked it.

I Could Feel Hot Drips Of Candle Wax

He pulled the top of the corset I was wearing down. And my breasts spilled out the top and I felt the flogger lash across my nipples and I gasped. The I could fsubmissive CJeel hot drips of candle wax being dripped up and down my thighs.It was coming quite close to my exposed pussy lips. I was incredulous that my normally submissive boyfriend was treating me this way. And I loved it. He told me to beg for his mouth on my cunt, and I did. I felt him ever so slightly tease my cunt lips open with the tip of his tongue. He was driving me wild and I was bucking up against him, then he pulled away.

I Was Begging Him To Let Me Cum

I was frustrated by his stopping and starting and I was begging him to let me cum. And he full on Frenched kissed my pussy.He was delving his wet, warm, exploring tongue into my pussy. And he flickered it across my clit until I begged for him to let me cum. But he went even faster and all of a sudden I exploded in his mouth. As I gushed my orgasmic fluid into his mouth.

I was surprised at his aggressiveness. But it was a nice change of pace. I couldn’t move my hands to grab at him since they were still handcuffed to the bed posts. It took me a moment to catch my breath and he didn’t give me long before he was inside of me. Fucking me with a passion I’d not known him to show before and I loved it. He was rough and hard and fast and he fucked the living daylights out of me. And I told him this was the best night we ever spent together. And asked could I be the submissive one more often? He agreed it was a very hot encounter and he’d try to be more dominant from now on.

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