Switch Positions and Give Me a Different Vantage Point

Switch positions and give me a different vantage point, PLEASE!  I want to watch you screw her brains out.  It turns me on to see you thrust in and out of her.

“Go ahead, BOY!  Just like that.”  -L.L. Cool J

What’s Your Favorite Position?

Do you like to be cucked?  Are you a fan of being the bottom?  How about a missionary?  I want to look in your eyes and see the passion boiling over.  I might be an exhibitionist, but I’m also a voyeur.  So, please put on a show for me.  It could be like live porn.  I want you to switch positions and give me a bit of ASMR.  Make those balls slap, and clap that ass for me.

Are you into stroking it from the back?  Switch positions and let me get on my knees.  Put me on all fours.  Grab my hips and pull me into your thrust.  Turn me over and switch positions by throwing my leg back and screwing me from the side.  Scoot up and roll that cock deep down into me.  Push my leg up and make me spread them like eagle wings.  Grind your balls against my thighs and let your trouser snake make its way past that little hump.

Switch Positions

Change it up, so that you do not cum too early.  Keep me on my toes.  Jack me up and throw me against the counter.  Let my feet dangle.  Rest my buttocks on the edge and grab that sweet firm ass of mine.  Switch positions again and bend me over the back of the sofa.  Keep me on my toes.  Do me, baby!  I’ll moan all night for you as long as you keep playing the cords to my heart.

No matter how we switch positions, I want you to know I am GAME! Ashnikko said she wants to be Ken and you can be Heather.  If you are into that, then switch positions and shift change.  Better yet, I want to be Marc Anthony and you can be JLO.  Heck, I heard she is with Ben for the holiday.  So smack this juicy booty on the yacht and ride me like a rollercoaster.

Get Creamy

Cum on my face.  Switch positions and do a 69.  Turn me over on my belly and nail me to the floor.  Fill me up like a hot air balloon, then switch positions and blow me away.  Splatter your cum everywhere.  Just don’t get it in my hair.

We can switch positions and you can cum on my tits.  I like it when you rub it in like lotion.  Our calls can be about whatever position you like.  We are not restricted to just one.  As long as you are grooving and I am dancing the night away, I will smile big and bright.  So make it hurt all so good.  Or make me giggle as I coat your Johnson in my cunt sauce.  Play with me.  I’m only a call away.  I will try to be amicable; even though bratty phone sex is my thing.


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke