Swingers? My friend Matt had this idea to go out to a swingers club. Why not you only live once right. So I said yes, cause of course he can’t get in on his own he has to have a female.   Well we get there and it was not at all what I thought. We head over to the bar get some drinks and start to watch the people there, checking it out and checking out our new playmates… Evil Grin

We went to the upstairs where you can just watch if you want, or join in with some people. So of all the couples there, there had to be a really fucking hot red head. Oh my god! So Matt and I begin to go over to this couple, the husband wasn’t so bad but not as hot as Matt. We started to talk and then, I leaned over and began kissing her, mm so sweet. I was her first girl. That made me so fucking wet, to know I would pop her cherry and get to have her first.

As we were making out, I grabbed Matt’s cock, started to rub him, then I moved down her to her perfect little tits, all the way down till I hit her cherry spot.She was so wet, so sweet, so fucking turned on. Now Matt has a huge fucking cock so I give it to her and watch her start to chock on his huge cock, all while I am jerking her husband and eating her. She was dripping wet and wanted more. It was time to switch out again. So what should we do? Do we continue? Or should we stop?

Want me to keep going? Then call and I will tell you all about how we fucked them.

Wife Swap Phone Sex Roleplay